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My Sisters All Want the Same Baby Name!

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I have a few months to figure out a baby name, and up until this point, there's only one name my husband and I agree on. The problem? Both my sisters want the name too ...

newborn baby

Momlogic's Talitha: Seven and a half months pregnant and without a name for my little girl, my husband and I recently came up with just ONE name we both agree on. Up until that point, every other name I've brought up has caused the following reactions from him: "That's cute ... for a chocolate lab," "What?? Are you trying to outdo Gwyneth Paltrow?" and "No, my daughter will not be called that." So I was thrilled when I threw a name out there and he finally said, "Hmm. I like it!" Then this:

At a family dinner recently, my mother asked if we had chosen a name. Since we decided not to share until the baby was born, we said, "Not yet, we have a few things in mind but haven't decided." To which my little sister responded, "OH, well, when I have kids, in five or ten years, my babies' names will be ..." and she named the ONE name my husband and I love. Crap.

"OMG, that is too funny, because that's actually the name we love!" I said to her, out of desperation. "Well, you can't have it," she said, "I just claimed it!" Then, my older sister chimed in, "Hey, that's not fair, I've wanted that name for ten years!" This from my older sister, a woman who is leaning more towards not having kids at all! 

Am I supposed to "reserve" the name until my little sister gets pregnant and she decides, in "five or ten years," she still wants this same name? Do I have to give my older sister the benefit of the doubt that she'll actually decide to have a kid and use that name? 

I am the one giving birth to the family's first grandchild. Shouldn't I get first dibs on the name?


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HeeHee June 15, 2009, 10:54 AM

tell sis to kiss your butt!

Malice June 15, 2009, 12:56 PM

This happened to me and my boyfriend too! Everyone kept asking if our unborn daughter had a name. After months and months we decided on Violet. Violet was perfect for many reasons… one- our first date we saw Willy Wonka and two- it’s my favorite color. Anyways, we were keeping the name a secret- and you know how well secrets are kept. Everyone kept throwing names at us, one friend shouted “Name her Violet!” Ugh I thought to myself if I don’t tell her that we already picked Violet, she’s gonna take credit. Then another friend, whose favorite color is Purple just causally said “if I have a girl I’m naming her Violet”. In the end we spilled the beans for them. Plain and simple just told them, we picked this name because it’s perfect. I felt bad for my friend who loved Violet for her future daughter but she was excited. :) Then Jennifer Garner named her daughter Violet Ugh! (and of course she was born a month before ours and everyone thinks we stole it for her…lol) go figure

jackie June 15, 2009, 1:07 PM

“VOICE OF REASON” this is for you —this is NOT a childish argument. You are being childish for writing that. I have heard this happen in MANY families! The writer is simply asking what to do, it’s not an argument.

ANyway, take the damn name. Don’t say anything and then put it on the birth announcements. Nothin’ they can do about it now!

mommy<3 June 15, 2009, 3:19 PM

this is so childish. YOU are the pregnant one!!!!

Anonymous June 15, 2009, 4:56 PM

You know, naming your child is such a personal and exciting experience…you should go with the name you love - regardless!!! I never, in a MILLION years, would have even thought to name my daughter Delanie…I don’t think I had even heard the name until I was just about to go to the ultrasound to find out if we were having a boy or girl. We saw the name in a baby book a few days before and fell in love. The SECOND we heard “girl” it was her name. That said, I seriously think that until you are pregnant, names should just be happy wishes and not something to place a “dibs” on…like others have said, what if your sisters end up not having children, have boys, their spouses/partners don’t agree on the name or the babies name would seriously not go with the last name (ok, that may be a bit shallow but really, I think it is important!!!)?. I agree, the name is yours!

Anonymous June 15, 2009, 4:57 PM

Please, please, please tell us the name!!

Bounty June 18, 2009, 9:31 AM

Take it! and advice your sister I am sure she will find somethig else!
Let us know the end of the story…

Anonymous July 13, 2009, 12:37 PM

Many fmaileis have cultral traditions in which multiple children are named after grandparents, therfore many first cousins have the same name (and the world does not end!) So, I say name your baby the name you want, but tell your sister when she has a baby she has the right to do the same.(chances might be that she will ahve a new fave by then). Sometimes, cousin can be named little”Sue” or big “Sue” or the name is changed just a little. For example Sophie or Sophia.

ugh September 14, 2009, 12:58 PM

i was in a similar situation. after i had my son and my sister found out his name she told me that was the name she was going to name her second son. i had no idea about this but she made me feel like i had stolen her name. we are 6 yrs apart and she is my half sister so we were never really that close. now my son will be 3 next month and she is due with a boy in 2 weeks. not only will their birthdays be 9 days apart, but i just found out she told my dad she is naming him dominic, my sons name. im hoping that she realizes this will hurt me and def. strain our relationship, and doesnt go through with it, but who knows! i say take the name, but id hate to see this happen to you!

Casey October 8, 2009, 1:27 PM

My sister vetoed a name her and her husband loved bc since we were little playing my I always wanted a name for my child, she opted for a similar sounding name so I could always have “my name”, and I was sure I would always use it. The cousins woulD have names alike it would be great! But four years later when it was actually time to name our daughter, so many things had changed and we decided to name my daughter after my best friend who had been killed the year prior! There are so many things that it’s almost certain they’d change their minds!

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