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My Sisters All Want the Same Baby Name!

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I have a few months to figure out a baby name, and up until this point, there's only one name my husband and I agree on. The problem? Both my sisters want the name too ...

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Momlogic's Talitha: Seven and a half months pregnant and without a name for my little girl, my husband and I recently came up with just ONE name we both agree on. Up until that point, every other name I've brought up has caused the following reactions from him: "That's cute ... for a chocolate lab," "What?? Are you trying to outdo Gwyneth Paltrow?" and "No, my daughter will not be called that." So I was thrilled when I threw a name out there and he finally said, "Hmm. I like it!" Then this:

At a family dinner recently, my mother asked if we had chosen a name. Since we decided not to share until the baby was born, we said, "Not yet, we have a few things in mind but haven't decided." To which my little sister responded, "OH, well, when I have kids, in five or ten years, my babies' names will be ..." and she named the ONE name my husband and I love. Crap.

"OMG, that is too funny, because that's actually the name we love!" I said to her, out of desperation. "Well, you can't have it," she said, "I just claimed it!" Then, my older sister chimed in, "Hey, that's not fair, I've wanted that name for ten years!" This from my older sister, a woman who is leaning more towards not having kids at all! 

Am I supposed to "reserve" the name until my little sister gets pregnant and she decides, in "five or ten years," she still wants this same name? Do I have to give my older sister the benefit of the doubt that she'll actually decide to have a kid and use that name? 

I am the one giving birth to the family's first grandchild. Shouldn't I get first dibs on the name?


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