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Palin Not Ready for Prime Time

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If Sarah Palin is the candidate the Republican party is going to sport in 2012, well, y'all are in big hot water.

Guest Blogger Lavonia Farrell: Sarah Whiny Palin, who was never ready for prime time, who could, to her credit, read a prepared script written by someone else who might have had 2 grains of sense, but who, when left to her own devices, can't say a damned thing that is not entitling of herself and disparaging of everyone else who does not share her views, says the media played a part in her decision to step down -- yet people are saying this is a great strategic move leading up to the 2012 presidential election, where media coverage will be snake-bite-like hard. Does she think that if she -- by some absurd set of circumstances -- becomes President, she could shut the press up and down, and make certain no one can say anything about her?

Sarah Palin

I look at what has been written about her and other politicians, and mostly, except for the completely outrageous and inappropriate remarks by David Letterman, see little that was not fair game. If there had been no ethical issues to come to light, if she had conducted herself always as a principled government employee who was first the mayor of a town the size of a nanosecond, maybe the media would have given her a different reception. But she couldn't hack the limelight being governor of a state where she seemed unable to even be in the capitol for more than a quick second, so how does she think she is qualified to be President of the United States?

I am not buying the bull about the media. If she couldn't stand the heat -- and a lot of people can't, but those people choose to have the sense God gave geese and not sign on to be a VP candidate -- she should have stayed in the kitchen. Sarah took six schools to get a BA, she is a good runner, and she is a good fisherman, but please, those qualifications are not sufficient to be President, especially when it seems she can't by herself construct a speech that makes one bit of sense.

It is not because she is a woman, or a Republican, or anything else -- she is one of the least qualified politicians out there, and she is also a QUITTER, A WHINER, A GOOBLY GOOK SPEAKER.

Between the book she is supposed to be writing and the one Dick Cheney is writing, we will soon have more lies and illiterate remarks than we could hope to digest in a thousand years.

See Sarah write something absurd about the absurd thing she just did. See Sarah try to blame everyone except herself for the fact that she doesn't even have what it takes to FINISH ONE TERM AS GOVERNOR OF A STATE THAT DOES NOT FACE MANY OF THE ISSUES THAT MANY STATES IN THE LOWER 48 FACE. See Sarah, who is not the only governor being raked across the coals right now, try to build a national campaign around media hatred, being the victim, all the time not owning the fact that she does not have the gumption to honor the responsibility of serving the people of her state for a complete term.

If Sarah Palin is the candidate the Republican party is going to sport in 2012, well, y'all are in big hot water. Sarah might decide to resign from the nomination if someone says something she doesn't like.

She was never ready for prime time, and every second since she took the stage and the camera was on her, she has done nothing less than prove that point.

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naila July 6, 2009, 3:38 PM

Republican here…agree fully..and funny..:)

Sarah J. July 6, 2009, 8:15 PM

Ha! WELL SAID! that was a hoot to read, but right on the money if you ask me. Thanks for telling it like it is Lavonia.

Anonymous July 7, 2009, 9:36 AM

True this is not a republican/democrat issue. Sarah just doesn’t represent the intelligence, common sense, and “with-it-ness” needed to run for public office. Yeah she’s cute and charming, big deal. Ya need more than cute, Sarah.

Sarah July 8, 2009, 9:43 AM

Sarah got a little taste of fame, and now she’s seeking the fortune she thinks she deserves to go with it. It’s way more fun to be the Republican Rock Star than to be the governor of Alaska! She is a whiner and a quitter, and anyone who disagrees with her is “not one of us.” This “us vs. them” way of thinking reminds me of someone else who was not ready to be president - “bring ‘em on!” George W. Bush. I so agree she is not ready for prime time, late night, early morning or afternoon press.

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