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Don't Freak About Your Registry!

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Lara Shriftman: For first-time moms, registering for a new baby can be very daunting.

I didn't even know what registering was! There are so many different websites and stores of all sizes and price ranges, from baby boutiques to megastores like Target and Babies "R" Us. To add to the confusion, everyone is there to offer different advice. Unfortunately, even with all of the advice, I registered for my son completely wrong! However, after a million returns, exchanges, and endless shopping trips for all of the things I actually needed, I think I have finally figured it out.

Here are some of my tips for a hopefully stress-free baby registering process.

Stress-Free Baby Registering Tips

Tip 1

Devote a day to doing research for everything you need and compile a list. Look online, in stores, and ask your "mom friends" who have already been through the process.

Tip 2

Many websites, like and, have checklists for expecting mothers. However, it is important to remember that everything they suggest will not be everything you need! Seriously, there are so many things you don't need!

Tip 3

Register at two or three different stores. Pick one store where you "love" everything you see. The other store should be someplace like Target, Babies "R" Us, or, where you will constantly be shopping for the necessities and which you can use not only now, but for one and two years later. You will need diapers until the baby is 2 or 3.

Tip 4

Develop a relationship with the person registering you at the store of your choice. He or she will not only help you with creating a list, but will also help you down the line with exchanges for items that you really need.

Tip 5

Inevitably, you will receive several outfits for your baby's first three months. However, your baby will grow out of all of these clothes before you know it, and it will be time to buy whole new sets. To save yourself the trouble, register for some clothing in larger sizes that your baby will be able to wear throughout his or her first, second, or third year. (You can return some of them if you get too many.)

Tip 6

When your baby grows out of clothes or toys, you can sell them on, give them away to someone else who is having a baby, or donate them. Keep in mind that many of your friends will be handing things down to you as well.

Tip 7

Think for the future. It is important to register for things other than what you need right now. For example, you should register for gift certificates that you will always be able to use for the essentials,at places like Target, Babies "R" Us, and You can also register for baby classes, like Fit for Kids, swim lessons, or art classes for when your child is older.

Tip 8

Keep in mind that babies' toys change as they get older. You can always register for more advanced toys, books, or Baby Einstein DVDs. I would also suggest registering for a high chair, walkers, and things like a door jumper that your baby can bounce in.

Tip 9

If I could do it all again, the following items would be on my list.

Click here to view and print the list.

Check out Lara's website for more info.

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Isabella  June 20, 2010, 9:01 PM

Asking your friends who have already had children was the most helpful to me! Also your tip for developing a relationship with the person who is registering you at the store is so important!

Make A Prank Call December 17, 2010, 11:00 AM

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