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Everyone's Got an Opinion!

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When you're pregnant, everyone just LOVES to put in their two cents!

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Briana Mordente Franklin: I always wondered why my friends were so anxious for me to become pregnant. "It's just something you have to do," one friend once said. Funny how they never thought that -- until THEY did it. The only people who tell you that you "have to have a baby" are parents. But I realized being a mom to one child won't shut people up. The next thing I'll face is, "When are you going to have another one?" Because, for some reason, one child doesn't seem to be enough for most people. It seems that only when I have two will people be satisfied and stop badgering me with questions. Some may even look at me like I'm a bad mom for "only having one." People have literally said to me, "You can't just have one," as if that would be a crime. But what if I go the "one and done" route?

Now I know why my husband told me not to discuss baby names with other people. He warned, "Everyone is going to have an opinion -- and some of them will be negative." I used to be one of those people. When someone once told me they were going to name their daughter Priscilla, I moaned, "Oh no, that's an awful name!" I never realized how terrible a thing that was to do to somebody. They're struggling with names, and I'm putting my big, fat, two cents in! Now I suppose it's my turn.

But who cares what people think of my baby name ... And who cares how many children I end up having? The only opinions that matter, I'm learning, are those of my own and my husband's. But I still have trouble tuning people out. And when someone does agree with me or feels like I feel, it makes me want to find more people who think the same way. The more people that do, the more right I must be! But it doesn't work that way, does it? Sometimes there isn't power in numbers ... Sometimes you have to stand on your own and do what's right for you. Sometimes you have to make a choice even if you can't get the world to agree with you -- and be okay with it. Because in the end, what is good for you will ultimately be good for your baby, too.

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