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Need a great beach read?? Check out our summer book guide from momlogic's Lisa Sharkey.

Summer Book Review

THE GAME ON! DIET -- Krista Vernoff and Az Ferguson

This is the diet book of the summer. Hilariously funny. Written by head writer and co-executive producer of “Grey's Anatomy.” You'll recognize the biting humor if you're a fan of the show, and if you've ever had a baby, you'll relate to Krista Vernoff, who packed on 50 pounds and took it off when co-writer Az Ferguson, million-dollar Body-for-LIFE weight-loss champion, created a deliciously simple competition that took Krista from specialty stores for overweight women to a stunning size 10 ... and she didn't even win the game. This book ensures that you stay hydrated, satiated, fit, communicative, and well-rested. Watch for the authors on Good Morning America, or check out their video on YouTube.

P.S. I'm playing at work, and my whole outlook on life and weight is already better after just a couple of weeks.


Powerful, emotional, and unpredictable, this sensitive collection of short stories is an exploration of the depths of loneliness, as well as the exquisite relief of unexpected love. Van Booy follows a brooding concert cellist and eccentric storekeeper, an impassive pediatrician, a diplomat mourning his childhood, an Irish gypsy pining for a Canadian girl, and a man who suddenly discovers the existence of his seven-year-old daughter. Told in a frank, unaffected voice, this collection conveys the sense that love is possible in the bleakest of situations. I so cherished every phrase in this book that I gave it as a graduation gift to my godson and sent a case of it to a hip moms' book club in Boulder, Colorado. The author photo alone is worth the price of his book — that's how hot Simon Van Booy is, coupled with his phrase-turning talent. Summer is short. Read short stories.

L.A. CANDY -- Lauren Conrad

This is the guilty pleasure read of the summer. Moms with teens, make sure to buy two, so you don't fight with your daughters over this salacious, juicy, art-imitates-life-imitates-art-imitates-life roman à clef. Lauren Conrad isn't just a reality star anymore. You can add bestseller to her resume now. The best part of this book is that it's the first in a series of three. Hide it from your young children.


This warm, poignant novel is the chronicle of a young woman's increasing awareness of her own power, and her enormous capacity to heal and to love. Wells follows her vigorous heroine, Calla Lily, through a sumptuous first romance, and on into a thriving, independent life in New Orleans, where Calla Lily discovers her true calling and the full range — as well as the limits — of her ability to love.


Barbieri presents an idiosyncratic, colorful tale about starting anew. Kate Robinson, an unsuccessful fashion designer, picks up and moves to a small village in Ireland, where she finds herself embraced and inspired by a circle of troubled lace makers, each burdened by subtle wounds and cares of her own. Can Kate create a dynamic new life for herself, or will her move result in her downfall and the destruction of her friends' way of life?

MORTAL FRIENDS -- Jane Stanton Hitchcock

A glamorous, sizzling murder mystery set in the lustrous world of Georgetown high society, this book follows two friends thrust suddenly into a world of crime, intrigue, and betrayal when the victim of a serial killer is found on their running route.


Although this book is narrated by a dog named Enzo who belongs to a race car driver named Denny, it's not at all for boys only. This emotional story is unique, special, and highly addictive. Best of all, it just came out in paperback.

BELONG TO ME -- Marisa de los Santos

When Cornelia Brown moves to the suburbs, she finds herself immersed in a world she has always feared and doggedly avoided. In her story of love and the smashing of preconceived notions, Marisa de los Santos lends an unprejudiced eye to a lifestyle that is too often rejected without being truly examined. It was the cover of this book that attracted me in the first place. But what's between the dust jacket is what kept me under my covers in a bed for two days, because I just couldn't put it down. This book is for moms who love to read about other moms, their bonds, jealousies, and how one life-changing diagnosis turns everything upside down.


In this tender, emotional sequel, Frank chronicles the journey of the bright but naïve Beth Hayes, a college graduate who longs for exploration and greatness, but finds herself rooted by the beauty and mystery of the beach house where she has grown up.

LABOR DAY -- Joyce Maynard

Henry is a painfully awkward thirteen-year-old struggling to bring solace to his long-suffering mother, Adele, adjust to his father's new family, and wrestle with the demands of his changing body. Change comes for Henry in the form of a mysterious wounded man who asks him for help and in turn, teaches him some of the most vitally important lessons he will ever learn. This thoughtful, vivid novel is a touching examination of adolescence and a careful exploration of what truly matters.

MISTRESS OF THE GAME -- Sidney Sheldon

This compelling sequel continues to follow the Blackwells, a forceful, vigorous family of diamond thieves, through their exploits, their romances, and their most scandalous and provocative adventures.


Oprah Winfrey picked “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle” as her fiction choice of the year for a very good reason. It's mind-bending literature. A masterpiece. If you didn't think you had time to read a 562-page book during the school year, clear your summer calendars to read this one. The story of a mute boy and the dogs who love him will take you to places you've never been before. Stephen King says, "I don't reread many books because life is too short. I will be rereading this one." It now joins “Gone With the Wind” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” as the top three novels I've ever read.

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