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Hair Tips ... for Tots!

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We may spend a ton of time worrying about our own hair -- but it's our kids who are often caught in hairy situations. Celebrity stylist Cozy Friedman of Cozy's Cuts for Kids gives the lowdown on kid's summer hair dilemmas.

"Once school lets out, parents seem to have more concerns on their mind," says Cozy. "There are a handful of questions I hear over and over again regarding summer hair care." Check out the answers to some of Cozy's most commonly asked questions.

Hair Tips ... for Tots!

My son and daughter are going to sleepaway camp this summer. Are there any haircuts that you would recommend to make styling their hair easier for them?

Cozy: Believe it or not, long hair is the best way to go for girls. It can be pulled back into ponytails or pigtails, which is much more comfortable for kids when they are running around in the heat. For boys, you can't beat a summer buzz cut when it comes to comfort and ease. Have it done a few days before they leave for camp, and don't worry, it will grow back in time for school.

What products do you recommend using over the summer?

Cozy: Adults go to great lengths to keep their hair healthy and frizz-free during the summer, but when you think about it, kids spend more time than adults in the sun and in chlorinated pools this time of year. That's why kids need formulas specially designed to protect and condition their hair. To keep your child's hair free of frizz and safe from damage this summer, try the So Cozy Swimmer's Shampoo ($4.50-$29.95). This green-apple-scented, post-pool shampoo protects hair from the dry, dull, and discoloring effects of chlorine and keeps hair healthy and hydrated.

Why do so many kids get lice during the summer, and how can I protect my children from getting it?

Cozy: Kids get lice because of their play habits. Sharing hats, helmets, and clothing are all easy ways to spread lice. Teach your children about lice and caution them against sharing such items. Another good preventative measure is to use So Cozy Boo! Shampoo ($14.50) and Boo! Leave-In Conditioner ($14.50), both of which contain fresh tea tree, rosemary, and lavender oils that naturally repel lice.

My daughter has long, curly hair that gets so knotty during the summer. What can I do to prevent tangles?

Cozy: Summer is particularly difficult for tangles due to kids' increased physical activity levels. First, try to keep hair tied back whenever your daughter will be playing or swimming, keeping in mind not to tie it back too tightly, as that will cause breakage to the hair. Next, be sure to keep up with the detangling daily. Even one skipped day can lead to a "bird's nest" that starts at the nape of the neck. Finally, use products such as So Cozy Lucky Lime Pre-Detangling Treatment ($4.50-$11.95), a formula that instantly starts the detangling process in the bathtub by smoothing the cuticle, allowing knots to comb out easily and gently.

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