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Hippie Birthday to You?

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Anyone out there turning the big 4-0 this August who was actually born AT Woodstock?

woodstock collage
Vivian Manning-Schaffel: According to this AP article, babies born at the Woodstock Festival 40 years ago remain the most enduring mystery surrounding that crazy, hazy weekend that defined a generation.

In spite of a few eyewitness testaments, no one can provide evidence of an actual Woodstock birth. The town clerk for Bethel, New York, says there were no birth certificates on record, but sealed records in neighboring towns prevent researchers from confirming those leads.

Singer John Sebastian said on film that "some cat's old lady just had a baby, a kid destined to be far out." The concert's medical director, Dr. William Abruzzi, told reporters at the scene that there were two births: one at a local hospital after the mother was flown out by helicopter, and the other in a car caught in the epic traffic jam outside the site crowded with more than 400,000 people. In his post-concert report, Abruzzi tallied six pages of medical incidents over the three days -- 11 rat bites, 16 peptic ulcers, 707 drug overdoses -- but not a single childbirth. And now that Abruzzi's passed on, no one can confirm the discrepancy.

Myron Gittell, who wrote "Woodstock '69: Three Days of Peace, Music, and Medical Care," has been looking high and low for Woodstock babies, but came up with bubkes. In the article, he says, "You'd think if there are a half million people, half of them were women, and 95% of them were of childbearing age, fertile and active, statistically someone would have had to pop a baby."

The article unearths a handful of witnesses like Elliot Tiber, the subject of Ang Lee's new movie, "Taking Woodstock," who says he helped deliver a baby that weekend at his parents' hotel near the site. "I see she's starting to give birth," Tiber recalled. "It was like the quote from 'Gone with the Wind': 'I don't know nothing about birthing no babies, Miss Scarlett!' ... I was screaming, just screaming. Everybody was standing around stoned saying, 'Yeah, groovy!' It was cool." Tiber said the mother returned in a cab a few weeks later with her baby in a blanket. He didn't get any names and never heard from them again.

Alright ladies, someone, somewhere, has got to know something. Any of you out there know/hear of a Woodstock baby? Leave a comment and let us know!

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kk July 21, 2009, 9:01 AM

i was conceived at woodstock.

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