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Host a Slam-Dunk Yard Sale

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These days, everyone could benefit from a little extra cash in their pockets ... so get to work and clean house!

yard sale
Lucy Riles: More Space to Play: Simplify your life by clearing out clutter in your home. This will allow you extra space for the kids to play and for you to host your next dinner party. Free yourself from those tacky margarita glasses, Hawaiian shirts, and exercise bike from the early '90s that you will never use again. Just remember: one person's junk is another person's treasure!

Yard Sale To-Do List:
Revisit closets, garage bins, cabinets, every nook and cranny you can find to gather items of all shapes and sizes.

Label three trash bags: "trash," "keep," and "sell" ... pretty self-explanatory. If you are someone who has a hard time parting with your stuff, have your spouse or friend there for moral support to ask you each time: "Have you really worn or used this in the past few years?" If the answer is no, sell it!

Price the items out either using individual labels or buying those color dot stickers indicating red = $1, blue = .50 cents, green = $5, and so on. People who shop at yard sales love a good deal, so pair up items (i.e., a pair of shoes and a purse = $10). You could even have tables labeled $5-$10, $1-$5, and under $1.

Hang up signs early that morning to attract passersby, and/or put an ad in your PennySaver or local newspaper ... be sure to list big-ticket items (fridge, baby furniture, sofas)! Just remember to take down your signs once the sale has ended.

Presentation is key -- shoppers are more drawn to an organized layout than complete chaos. Organize your items by price or category (clothes, kitchen, kids). The better the presentation, the more likely your shoppers will buy!

Bake sale and lemonade stand: Who says you can only sell stuff at your sale? Bake some fresh treats for your shoppers to enjoy while they sort through comic mags and your old VHS collection. Package a Rice Krispies treat/brownie/cookie combo for $1. If your kids want to play a part, have them set up a lemonade stand that your shoppers cannot resist!

"What happens if half of my items are not sold?" Donate donate donate! Do NOT bring those items back into your home. Take them down to a local homeless shelter, Salvation Army, or Goodwill ... these people need them a lot more than you do! Make sure to ask for a receipt and itemize what you donated so you can write it off come tax season. Everyone wins in this situation!

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Sally  July 15, 2009, 8:16 PM

This is a good idea…You nailed it, my husband has multiple hawaiian shirts. Let’s sell them!

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