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Hollywood's Anti-Age Secret Comes in an IV?

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One trend that has been around for some time in Hollywood is coming back into fashion: IV ozone therapy.

red carpet and iv with blood

Haylie Pomroy: Practicing in the areas that I have, for as long as I have, and with the client base that I have, I've been exposed to just about every alternative and complimentary medicine treatment there is.

One trend that has been around for some time in Hollywood is coming back into fashion: IV ozone therapy. This is where a catheter is placed into a vein, blood is pulled from the vein into a glass bottle, and the blood is then pumped full of ozone that comes from an ozone generator that is hooked up to oxygen tanks; after a few minutes of the blood's exposure to ozone, it is given back to the patient. The theory with this treatment is that it provides an extremely available source of oxygen to the body. When news broke of Michael Jackson's home being filled with oxygen tanks, I felt compelled to write about one of Hollywood's not-so-dirty little secrets.

In inner circles, it has been well known that Michael Jackson utilized therapies such as IV ozone and hyperbaric chambers to help him deal with his lupus, immune issues, and burn care. For years, IV ozone has been used with mass-based cancers or viral infections such as HIV or hepatitis. It has been well embraced for burn or wound care, and I think that is where it first trickled into the sights of the Hollywood elite. Many plastic surgeons began incorporating oxygen/ozone therapies to promote healing after plastic surgery. Although the procedure has been deemed controversial here in the States by the FDA, it is quite popular in other countries. Over 7,000 doctors in Germany use ozone in their practices every day. I have had many clients using ozone therapies for a variety of reasons, but the huge surge in use that I have witnessed is in the anti-aging and performance-enhancing athletic communities. I have seen individuals getting one to two IV ozone treatments per week.

Ozone therapies can also be used rectally, vaginally, and can even be used as bagging treatments, where an area is covered in plastic and ozone is pumped into the area.

If taking the leap to IV ozone therapies doesn't feel right for you, here are a few "at home" ideas that can enhance the oxygen in your body:

Purify your air: I like Ecoquest, Living Air
Purify your water: I like Multi-Pure or Living Water
Purify your body: I like the Optimal Cleanse

Use food-grade 35% peroxide to bathe in. Pour 8 ounces or ½ a cup into a tub of warm water and soak for 30 minutes. I am sure that all of you can benefit from this!

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