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The Jenny Craig Experiment: Dating on a Diet

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With any diet, changes to your schedule can ultimately be responsible for sabotaging your success. I celebrated my birthday this week on Jenny, and my food weaknesses definitely emerged.

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Susannah Locketti: I'm another year older, and hopefully not another pound heavier. As a birthday treat, my mom took my boys while I headed up to the ocean to celebrate my birthday with a date. Newly single, this was my first casual date, and it happened to fall on my birthday. I was greeted with flowers, a card, and a nice square of chocolate cake oozing with frosting ... my weakness.

Dinner was filled with even more temptation and weakness. We went out for sushi, and he let me order for us both ... the Crab Rangoon called out to me from the kitchen, so I ditched all Jenny principles and went for it. Two additional sushi rolls were ordered, one of which contained shrimp tempura (a.k.a., fried shrimp). The Pineapple Passion drink I ordered could have been dessert, and I also made sure to dunk my sushi rolls in extra spicy mayo. Dating on a diet is tough because your guard is overshadowed by the excitement of being out on the town with someone fun while surrounded by great food.

I think back to dinners out during my marriage, and even dates I've been on in years past, where I basically threw all my healthy eating principles out the window because I was caught up in the moment of having a good time. Alcohol also has a way of lowering our inhibitions with food choices. How often have we said, "Well, I've already had two glasses of wine, so I might as well just get the fried seafood plate with fries."

This week on Jenny was a lesson in practicing moderation and self-control -- while dining out. Learning takes practice, and we may not get it right the first time or even the tenth time, but we are trying each time to make progress, and I think that means something. My consultant, Lynn, tried to prepare me for the meal out. She gave me a copy of their Dining Out success book, which helps guide you with your choices depending on the restaurant type. I am ashamed to say I didn't even open it, and I obviously should have. I didn't have a game plan for the dining-out experience, and you really need one if you want to succeed at this. I should have gone online to see if the restaurant had a menu. Better yet, a lot of places even post nutritional info now.

Lynn was quick to remind me that there was success amidst the poor food choices. My date and I split all the food down the middle, so I only ate three Crab Rangoon instead of six. I only ate six sushi rolls instead of twelve. This is looking at the glass as half full, and I like that! Lynn was also quick to remind me that I did not let that meal of weakness sabotage me for the remainder of the week. I didn't let the guilt take over and lead me to even more poor food choices.

My sushi binge was a moot point by Sunday, because I came down with the flu and was in bed until Thursday. I skipped many meals and lived on liquids and sugar-free popsicles. The kids lived on my Jenny Cuisine all week to spare me from having to get out of bed and cook.

My weigh-in day reveals a 2.6-pound weight loss. The flu saved my butt and gave me a second chance at improving my dining out choices. One more week to go on Jenny. So far, so good! I've lost a total of five pounds in three weeks.

Cost of food this week: $135.11.

Note about the food: When you reach your halfway mark, Jenny Craig begins the process of transitioning you off their food by teaching you about practicing portion control and nutrition as you begin to prepare your own meals each day.

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maya July 28, 2009, 1:46 PM

these posts are helpful. i called jenny craig last week and i am still debating if i should join or not. is the food tasty? do you have lots of options? i’m sometimes picky with food and i’m afraid i won’t like it and end up spending money on something i won’t eat.

Susannah Locketti July 29, 2009, 10:23 AM

Hi Maya. Thanks for the feedback. I am in the food business and I do not mind the food at all. There is something for everyone on their menu selections…lots of low fat comfort foods etc. There were a few selections I disliked but plenty others to keep me satisfied and losing weight! Good luck!!

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