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Male Circumcision Improves Sex for Women

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Survey results are part of a study that showed circumcision reduces a man's HIV risk.

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WebMD Health News: Cape Town, South Africa -- Women whose male sexual partners were circumcised report an improvement in their sex life, a survey shows.

Researchers studied 455 partners of men in Uganda who were recently circumcised. Nearly 40% said sex was more satisfying afterward. About 57% reported no change in sexual satisfaction, and only 3% said sex was less satisfying after their partner was circumcised.

Also, some women said their partner had less or no difficulty maintaining or getting an erection.

Among the 3% of women who reported reduced sexual satisfaction, the top two reasons were lower levels of desire on the part of either partner.

Top reasons cited by women for their better sex life: improved hygiene, longer time for their partner to achieve orgasm, and their partner wanting more frequent sex, says Godfrey Kigozi, MD, of the Rakai Health Sciences Program in Kalisizo, Uganda.

Kigozi tells WebMD he undertook the survey because some activists have objected to male circumcision as a means of combating HIV because of a lack of data on female sexual satisfactions.

The findings were presented at the Fifth International AIDS Society Conference on Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention of HIV.

The women in the study all participated in the landmark Rakai circumcision trial, one of three studies that showed that the procedure reduces a heterosexual man's risk of acquiring HIV by more than 50%.

"We included only women who said they were sexually satisfied before [their partner was circumcised]," Kigozi says. "Then we asked them to compare their sexual satisfaction before and afterward."

Men feel much the same way, he adds. In a previous survey, 97% of men said their level of sexual satisfaction was either unchanged or better after they were circumcised.

Naomi Block, MD, of the CDC's HIV Prevention Branch, who chaired the session at which the study was presented, says that other surveys have shown that women don't expect their sex lives to change if their partners are circumcised.

But those were "what if?" surveys, she tells WebMD, while the new study involves women whose partners were actually circumcised.

The findings are "good news" as they show that the use of circumcision to fight HIV is acceptable to women, Block says.

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Maria July 22, 2009, 4:16 PM

I find it so funny how they start off by saying “WOW 40% say improved sex life” why don’t they write “WOW 60% say nothing changed or sex got worse” hahaha, it goes to show you which way the author is leaning towards. I believe circumcision is inhumane and totally un-necessary. Believe me if you ever saw a new born boy get circumcised, you’d be in tears and question why in the world do we put our sons through this torture.

johny July 22, 2009, 6:01 PM

This study is biased and made by circumcision lobbies. Why these amaerican studies are always done in Africa and not in US or Europe ?

Foreskin is extremly sensitive and erogenous with thousands of nerve ending, it isn’t useless skin. Circumcision clearly decreases sexual pleasure and not the contrary.

Jen July 30, 2009, 1:09 PM

Once again momlogic skips over other important studies to give a pro-circ slant.

Going to do a write up on THESE studies anytime soon:

- The O’hara study that shows how male circumcision negatively impacts women’s sexual pleasure and sexual health.

-The fine-pressure threshold study that concludes circumcision removes the most sensitive portion of the male sex organ.

-Studies that show how circumcising men in Africa increases risk to women of contracting HIV.

-Parallel studies that report no reduction in HIV transmission among circumcised and uncircumcised African men.

-Studies of the cellular structure of the foreskin that show the sexual and protective functions.

Sirius July 30, 2009, 5:36 PM

Circumcision improves women’s sex lives. Removal of the redundant labia and the useless clitoral hood improves hygiene, eliminates vulvar cancer, men like it, and there’s no loss of sensation. All over the U.S. women are choosing labiaplasty - read circumcision - so why not do it during the neonatal period when the pain won’t be remembered? All over the world it’s a parental right to amputate sexual tissue from boys or girls.

converse September 8, 2009, 8:45 AM

Hear, hear, sirius! What’s good for the goose and whatnot, eh?

Bill September 10, 2009, 9:21 PM

This is the biggest buch of propaganda BS I have ever heard. I wonder how much of this has to do with doctors getting paid extra to butcher baby boys at birth? Women are having their labia removed, why? I personally like women with large vaginal lips, leave them alone, they are not ugly!

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