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You Can Do It, Marathon Mommy!

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Vivian Manning-Schaffel: In our second installment of Marathon Mommy, our friend Vickie Leff, a.k.a. RunnerMom, gets us psyched to take on the big race.

people running in marathon
Here's the skinny on running a half marathon:

Half marathons are serious business, and training for them is an intense process that takes time. "If you don't prepare for the marathon properly, you can really defeat and beat the hell out of yourself," says Leff. "What's the point in that?"

Leff says if it turns out that you can't log in enough hours to train, it's best to eat the registration fee and try again at another juncture.

Still in the race? Leff shares these training tips:

Without crowds to cheer you on, training for a half marathon can be harder than the race itself. To avoid doing physical damage to yourself, Leff says it's imperative to stick with the training schedule you've carved out for yourself -- and don't expect to run the whole course at first.

"Slow down!" says Leff. "It's not about getting through the finish line fastest -- it's about finishing. Take as many walk breaks as you have to."

Training is a major motivator. If you stick to your training schedule, you'll eventually pack on the miles and build your self-esteem. "It's about being able to see and meet your challenge," says Leff. "Remember -- if you get your toes on the start line, you are really accomplishing something!"

Tweak your equipment as you train. "What feels good in the store may not feel as good on the road," says Leff. Don't skimp or save when it comes to gear -- replace anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. After all, you won't get very far if your girls chafe and your socks give you blisters.

Want an easy way to track your progress? You'll find a training log, tips like this, and more in Vickie's book, RunnerMom: Your Practical Guide to Women's Walking and Running. Just visit Leff's website to order!

Check out Vickie's RunnerMom page in our momlogic community for tips and info!

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Samatha July 12, 2009, 5:35 PM

Thanks for the tips! I really like the relaxed attitude and encouragement to just finish. Thanks Runnermom!

Tsmommy10 July 28, 2009, 11:11 AM

thanks for some more great tips. good luck everyone….all us runners!

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