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Mom Dating?

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First, there's dating to find a mate. Then, once you're married, there's couples' dating. Then you have a baby ... and this whole new mom world opens up. Are you compatible? Do the babies get along? Do they have the same schedule? It's kind of funny.

Play date

Angela Chee: You can meet them at a playgroup or class, or maybe pick them up at the park. I find the swings are always a hot spot. Do you exchange numbers, or do you just Facebook each other? Most say, "Oh, we should get together with the kids." But who calls who, who initiates? What if they don't call back?

Then comes the first date. Maybe you meet for lunch, but if their child can't sit still, maybe being outside is better. But if they are walking, you spend the whole time chasing your little ones around and talking in half sentences.

Then comes choosing what time to meet -- is the child on one nap or two? Or maybe no nap at all. When their schedule changes, so does yours, and you end up hanging with the moms with the same schedule because it's too hard to coordinate otherwise. By the time your baby is up, it's time for the other child to take a nap or have a meltdown. Who knew it would be so hard to meet up.

But then it's not just about the mom, but the child. Do they get along? Some moms I like, but the children may not play well together. I'm sure my son doesn't care either way, he just likes to have a friend, but I can tell when he's with someone that he's compatible with. Am I starting to set up my son already?

Then if you really like the mom, maybe you hang out on your own. Maybe the first date didn't work out and then you never hear from them again. Maybe you like them so much you decide the husbands need to meet. Either way, I never thought I'd be "dating" again.

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