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Obama's Fashion Confession!

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He admits it, he "looked frumpy," but President Obama, unlike the First Lady, isn't making headlines for his fashion-forward style. He's got other things to worry about.

Barack Obama

"I hate to shop," says the Pres. "For people who want a president to look great in tight jeans, I'm sorry." Again, we will leave that to the First Lady, Michelle. The President got some slack for wearing "mom jeans" to a baseball game.

We say leave the guy alone! For the record, the jeans he wore were not that bad. Had he worn skinny jeans or something more fashionable, everybody would have wondered what the Pres. was spending his time and money on. 

Let's get back to health care, shall we?

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Sara July 21, 2009, 2:53 PM

Oh good grief. It was a baseball game! People wear jeans to baseball games! I think he looks perfectly fine and even if he didn’t, who cares, it’s just clothes. And this is coming from someone who CANNOT stand Obama.

Nikki July 21, 2009, 2:59 PM

I think Obama looked HOT!!! Good job, Mr. President :)

Emily July 21, 2009, 3:30 PM

You are right…the gossip blogs were going crazy over Michelle Obama and the supposed $6K VBH bag. They would have killed him for sure if he showed up in $600 skinny jeans

I thought he looked great!

Michelle July 21, 2009, 4:14 PM

Ok, first of all the President is NOT wearing “mom” jeans. “Mom” jeans are tapered and have pleats.. these have neither. haha They look like the same jeans that pretty much every male wears in the US. Secondly, why would it mean he was spending obscene amounts of money if he was wearing skinny jeans? I don’t know where you people shop but $600 for a pair of jeans?! Really? There is such a thing as Target.. even stores in the mall the most that they would cost would be $100. Anyways, I wouldn’t think he was irresponsibly spending if he was wearing skinny jeans, that’s all.

Pamala July 21, 2009, 5:42 PM

So skinny jeans are in for guys now? Christ I hope not, that’s just not something I want to see.

I think the President looked fine. I didn’t realize that was the wrong thing to wear.

Stephanie July 22, 2009, 7:57 AM

And I bet if he had worn skinny jeans we would be talking right now about how the Prez should not be showing off his butt like that. I mean, really.

kirsty July 22, 2009, 3:54 PM

OMG every one wears jeans just cause he the president doesn’t mean he has to dress like one all the time

Jen July 23, 2009, 9:46 AM

He looks fine. There are not exactly what I would call baggy jeans. If the jeans had been too tight he would have looked silly. This is a baseball game afterall!

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