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Ode to My Vacation Suitcase

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This mom needs a vacation from her vacation suitcase!

woman yelling at her over stuffed suitcase
Karyn Bryant:
Curse you, Vacation Suitcase,
lying on my bedroom floor.
Can't you unpack yourself
and plague me nevermore?

We had a lovely getaway
when we escaped our humdrum town.
But we're back at home these days;
now your presence brings me down.

Whose job is it to empty you?
Who will finally put you away?
Am I the only one who sees you?
Apparently. And that is so not OK.

I know I'm the one who stuffed you
since husband can't remember how.
Now I also have to undo it all?
This I simply cannot allow.

So I will quietly ignore the
big black menace in my room.
That cursed rolling storm cloud.
A daily harbinger of gloom.

How many days has it been
since the family came back home?
One week? Nope. How 'bout ten.
(How embarrassing is this poem?)

"My navy pin-striped shirt," he asks,
"where can it possibly be?"
I know, but shrug my shoulders.
His avoidance is killing me.

Oh no. Oh crap. Oh damn!
Cleaning lady comes in the morn.
Leave it there or pick it up?
Disgrace? Defeat? I'm torn.

You know how this will end.
The suitcase and I had been at war:
But as with most unpleasant things at home
it too became my chore.

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MaNiC MoMMy July 22, 2009, 1:10 PM

This is especially hilarious to me right now cuz we just returned on Sunday from a trip to Yellowstone, and there are FOUR suitcases of clothes that need to be unpacked.

voice of reason July 22, 2009, 2:02 PM

We also just returned from vaca with 4 suitcases. My answer is remove all tolieties and take the suitcases right to the laundry room. One at a time, each suitcase is opened and clothes go right into the washer and so on. I think it’s the easier way to do it. I had all suitcases empty, put away and all clothes washed, dried and put away in 2 days.

mollysmom July 23, 2009, 11:10 AM

when i was single this was me for every trip and i never minded :) now that i’m married with a child it’s a little different. we just got back from vacation and i immediately unpacked the toiletries and underwear. my daughter was dressed in clothes from her suitcase for a few days as was i but they got put up pretty quickly (ok 4 days). now my husbands stuff? i figured i packed it he can at least hang it up or put it in the dirty clothes. his stuff stayed for almost 2 weeks then i couldn’t take it any longer!

Pozycjonowanie December 4, 2010, 5:16 AM

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