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Postpartum Wardrobe: Help!

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For some reason, I thought once I give birth to my baby, I would fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing right away. I'm now waking up to the fact that this won't be happening. So, what do I do?

Post Partum Wardrobe

Momlogic's Talitha: I've been wearing dresses for nine months, and though they've been cute, I cannot wait to never wear them again. But what's gonna happen when I give birth to this baby and I'm left still looking six months pregnant? What do I wear then? More dresses? NO!!! Here's what I plan to do:

1. Show off the cleavage while I still can: Leggings and low-cut V's will be my BFF. If I'm gonna be breastfeeding, I'm showing off the twins!

2. Heels: Though I wore them up to month 8, I'm planning on getting back in my heels as soon as I can. Probably not around the house, but whenever I have to go somewhere nice ...

3. Mini dresses: Not the empire waist ones, but a straighter-cut dress that falls above the knee. Cute to wear with flip-flops or heels.

4. Wrap dress: I didn't wear the wrap dress after a certain point in my pregnancy, but it's a perfectly flattering option for in between. It will (hopefully) hide the leftover bulge.

5. Avoid sweats: Although it's easy to be in sweats around the house, this will probably only contribute to continued feelings of non-sexiness. Instead, I'll choose leggings and a comfy top.

6. Wear prints: Prints hide everything! I'll wear a print top or dress, and maybe people won't even be able to tell I just had a baby. Except for the spit-up on my shoulder ...

7. Accessorize! I didn't want to be bothered with belts while I was pregnant (and couldn't fit into them anyway), but I'll be needing them as I start to slim down. I plan to wear them with everything!

What are your postpartum wardrobe secrets? Please share!

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Secret Mommy July 30, 2009, 11:54 AM

My post-partum wardrobe secret? The stuff on your taboo list! :) Sweats and yoga pants. I did go out and buy one cute wrap dress and a pair of jeans in a size larger than my normal to wear when I went out. (The jeans had a stretch to them and were a dark rinse to be more slimming.) But I found myself home snuggling the babe most of the time and just wanted to be comfy. Plus my husband thought I looked cute in my yoga pants and breast-milk stained t-shirts! :)

Nikkibfabulous July 30, 2009, 6:34 PM

Medela Postpartum Support Belt, it worked wonders! I wore lots of empire waist dresses & wrap dresses.

Talina July 30, 2009, 7:23 PM

I am with the other commenter, I’ve got on sweats and a nursing tank. I totally feel unsexy too :-(

When I find a nursing bra and some tops that make “the twins” easily accessible I’ll gladly wear nicer stuff.

Bettina Rogers August 15, 2009, 9:22 PM

I, too felt frumpy and fat after pregnancy. I designed “The Tailored Button Wrap” with the versatility in mind for a nursing mom to feel and look fabulous with discretion. See In addition, I love not having to drag a blanket along!

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