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Tricks Are for Kids, Try a Few!

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Celebrity Chef Nikki Shaw: Anyone who knows me knows that I'm constantly in search of great food, fun, and adventure! I'm the kind of mom that enjoys a good time. No matter what we're doing, I turn it into a game. The trick to teaching kids how to make healthy choices is to "speak their language." Make it fun! Here are a few tricks I keep up my sleeve:

boy holding a fruit

1. Cool Down: I want my kids to drink more water every day at summer camp, so I bought them water packs. They look like small, flat backpacks that you can fill with ice and water, and they come with a long, connected straw (popular among hikers and skiers). Kids love them, and it keeps them hydrated on hot days outside.

2. Vitamin Air-Hockey: My kids look forward to taking their vitamins in the morning. I stand at the opposite end of our kitchen island and "fling" the vitamins across the counter. As the vitamin reaches the edge of the counter, they have to drop down and catch it in their mouth.

3. Ready ... Set ... GO: I park far away from our destination, then we race each other to see who can get there first. By the time we arrive, I've given them a secret cardio workout!

4. Pick & Eat: Take a weekly stroll through your local farmer's market. Let kids pick their own fruits and vegetables, then eat them. Encourage kids to try one new item each time.

In this bitter economy, I'll show you how to make life sweet right at home.

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