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Uncle Sam Brings 'Jon & Kate' Back Together

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Fox News: Weeks after reality star Kate Gosselin filed divorce papers from her husband Jon, the two spent Independence Day together, reported.

The couple, stars of the TLC reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8', reportedly kept their pledge to spend equal time with their children and put them first despite their upcoming divorce, reported.

"I absolutely cannot imagine not spending every single holiday with my kids. I don't care what it takes. I will be there," Kate Gosselin told People magazine for a recent story.

The Gosselin family played volleyball and picked blueberries for a cake at the planned event.

Prior to their divorce, the couple decided to spend July 4 together so both could be with the children.

The 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' series finale, in which the couple announced their separation and forthcoming divorce, drew a record audience of 10.6 million viewers.

The Gosselins have both been embroiled in intense tabloid coverage for months, and it was speculated both were romantically involved with others.

The couple plan to spend equal time with their children at the $1.1 million house they moved into last year, with Kate staying elsewhere when Jon has custody and Jon making other living arrangements when it's her turn, according to the statement.

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