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WTH? Is This for Real?!

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The momlogic community is abuzz over our recent video post, "Extreme Makeover: Toddler Edition."

Extreme Makeover: Toddler Edition

Here's a look at the varied feedback:

You have got to be kidding!!! Doesn't she realize that a child that is only 3, her looks will change as she ages, and the doctor is only looking for money, what a quack. She is only thinking of herself, and by that I think she is the one that needs the plastic surgery and is trying to look good thru her daughter. Also, her daughter commenting that she wants plastic surgery "because I love mommy" is a shame, since she is probably trained to say such things and she should be removed from her so-called mother's care!!!! -- Anonymous

That is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. The doctor does not deserve to be a doctor if he's willing to put a child through something like that, and the mom does not deserve to be a mom if she's going to just drag down her child in such a horrible way. Don't they see how they are setting this poor child up for major self-esteem issues???? -- Sara

It's a joke, you slack-jawed, mouth-breathing morons. If you thought that video was anything but blatant satire, you really need to stop using your computer immediately, as you pose a threat to your own safety and that of everyone around you. -- Adam

I wish we had waited until my daughter was 9. We started when she was 4 and I think we should have waited. We call it her "big" hand now. -- Should have, would have

I don't know what is funnier -- this video or the people who think it's real? Ha ha ha. -- Amy

I do think this is funny, and I do realize it's a joke (holy cow, the ones that didn't), but I don't like when people do these things in front of the children ... she may internalize those comments, it's amazing what people bring up as adults, or even when they are older children, that were jokes. -- Sharon

HELLO PEOPLE. Have you not heard of a joke? Satire??? Are we so far gone that we don't even recognize what would probably be a hilarious SNL skit? Now, I do agree that I hope there was a long conversation explaining to the little girl that she was beautiful and nobody thought otherwise, but that this was all in fun. But a great commentary on our society. Have any of you seen "Toddlers & Tiaras"? NOW THAT'S disgusting and child abuse. -- Kim

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the sane one July 27, 2009, 2:20 PM

just think, if all those people think its real then that means you guys must be AMAZING actors!!!

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