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Euna's Daughter is a Survivor

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As a mother and her family are reunited, the healing begins.

euna lee reunited with daughter

Dr. Michelle Golland: Watching the amazing story unfold as the two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, returned home this morning was an emotional moment for anyone, but if you are a mom, I am sure you were grabbing for a box of Kleenex. Watching Euna Lee's daughter, 4-year-old Hannah, reunite with her mother was a moment that this family and many of us will never forget.

When a family is experiencing ongoing trauma like the Ling and Lee families have, what is important is proactive behavior to give a sense of control and hope during the darkest of times. It was apparent that since March, both of these families were doing anything and everything to secure the release of these women.

Watching Hannah stare into her mother's eyes and then quickly grab her mom in that monkey-hug hold we all know very well, I could almost feel her little legs squeezing her mom's waist. Hannah caressed her mom's ponytail in such a natural way, like she must have done hundreds of times before. The family's love and resilience was evident in each and every one of them, but Hannah's was striking to me.

The most telling moment for me was when we watched them all walk away from the podium to start their much-needed private reunion. We saw Hannah skipping away, holding her mom's hand, and swinging her hair with utter joy.

Today, may we all be thankful for our own families and squeeze our kids a little harder. Also, let's embrace joy and love above all else, and skip through life like Hannah. Don't forget to swing your hair, too!

euana lee reuinted play video

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Leila August 5, 2009, 2:25 PM

I was bawling this morning as I watched that scene on TV. I can tell that little girl won’t let her Mom leave her side for a long time. It must have been a very traumatic experience for her and I can only imagine how hard it was on the father and grandparents, trying to be strong for her this whole time.

ame i. August 6, 2009, 10:34 AM

So sweet! My most common nightmare as a child was something happening to one of my parents. So great that this family is together again!

t August 6, 2009, 12:52 PM

I think it is unforgiveable to put your child in that position by leaving them in pursuit of some non-family goal. Priorities are clear here.

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