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Pregnancy Sex Pot or Pregnancy Prude?

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Here's the scoop on how a bun-in-the-oven just might interuptus your coitus -- or not --- depending on your body.

pregnant woman in bed with husband

Dr. Wendy Walsh: The thing is this: Hormone changes during pregnancy can impact libido in many ways. Some women are randy as can be during gestation (those lucky gals!) and their husbands are in man heaven. Other women would sooner opt for a root canal than the insertion of their man's member into their birth canal. To make the picture even more complicated, men may have varied reactions when their, ahem, if I may say, whore blossoms into a Madonna. And I don't mean the one who vogues. So let's take this scenario-by-scenario.

Scenario #1: You want it. He's afraid he'll hurt the baby, or break the law, or go to hell.

Dr Walsh says: Get him the necessary medical information to assuage his fears about safety. Get yourself an empire waist nighty from Victoria's Secret, a black lace thong, and a pair of stilettos that will never see pavement. If all else fails, obtain a certificate of permission from his priest or rabbi.

Scenario #2: He wants it. Finds you a babe. You feel like a fat cow and couldn't possibly.

Dr. Walsh says: Close your eyes. Muster all the images you ever had of being slim and rearing to go. And, no, it's not cheating to think of former lovers or movie stars. (Just don't call out their names.) If your problem is lubrication, try the myriad of commercial lubricants out there. They even sell them in grocery stores now. If painful intercourse is an issue, or if you feel dizzy lying on your back, try lying on your side and welcoming him from behind. If all else fails, use the lubricant on him. Remember girl, corkscrew motion. I know you can be a good hostess.

Scenario #3: Nobody wants it and you're afraid you're growing apart.

Dr. Walsh says: There are many forms of intimacy outside of sexual intimacy. Making time to just be together is important. Talking is a great way to maintain closeness. And affection takes on new meaning when both your hands are probing the contours of the little being that's growing inside. Snuggle in bed with his hands on your tummy and you'll know why some people refer to children as "the glue" in a relationship. Above all, know that this is a phase and your sexual relationship will go through many incarnations during the long haul. Keep talking about it to keep it conscious between you both.

Scenario #4: You both want it. Nobody's making it to the office anymore.

Dr. Walsh says: Oh to have such problems. If you want to keep your girlfriends, don't brag about this.

One final note, remember there is no better way to bring on labor than some nipple stimulation and an earth shattering orgasm. Once you hit 39 weeks, girlfriend, my advice is to go for it.

Personal disclosure: When I was 39 weeks with my second child, I had no intention of reliving the FORTY-TWO-WEEK pregnancy of my first daughter. So, at 39 weeks, on the advice of an obstetrician, we farmed our 5-year-old out to friends, ordered some spicy Chinese food, and vowed to knock boots until the sun came up, if that's what it took. It didn't take that. A little nipple action and I was on my way to the greatest orgasm of my life as my water broke simultaneously. The pleasure and excitement of laboring while loving is a memory I'll cherish forever.

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PlumbLucky August 18, 2009, 10:19 AM

How about both want it but it hurts like heck? (Yes, you CAN get varicose veins *there* whilst pregnant, apparently)

Paula S August 18, 2009, 1:17 PM

What a fabulous and informative article (and written with a sense of humor too). I think it’s important that pregnant women read these things and understand that whichever scenario they’re going through, they are normal and other pregnant ladies experience many of the same feelings. I have a friend that I’m going to forward this to.

CoolAmp November 30, 2010, 11:44 AM

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