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Jealous of Your Dating Teen?

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Some moms unfortunately feel this way.

mom looking at teens dating
Single Mom Seeking: A single mom recently shared this difficult dilemma with us: her teenage daughter has started to date -- and she feels resentful.

Instead of feeling proud that her little girl is growing up, she's pouting. This mom asked us: "Do my feelings have something to do with my current dating drought?"

Likely, yes. We all have mixed feelings when our kids start a new phase of their lives. Feeling a bit of resentment -- and even jealousy? -- is normal.

Or, maybe you're married, but you and your husband haven't gone on a date in months. In the meantime, your teenager is having a ball going out on weekends with his/her new crush.

Make sure that your own feelings don't get in the way of your relationship with your teen. They can cloud your vision when it comes to helping her navigate the treacherous teenage social scene.

Here's why: Your teen needs your guidance and support. If she doesn't get this support at home, she'll seek help elsewhere. And this "help" may be nothing more than shared ignorance.

Happiness for any parent requires effort. We all have some life choices that we regret. But having "grown-up activities" planned will help quell those feelings stirred up by your daughter's burgeoning social life. Chances are you wouldn't want to be a teenager again. No one wants to relive the rejection and uncertainty of adolescence. So, how can you get back out there -- in a new way?

What have you planned lately for a bit of grown-up fun? How about starting with a night out with your girlfriend posse ... or, with your husband? Maybe it's time to try online dating? Or, to swap kids with another parent so that you have child care one night?

Many parents have also told us that their teens feel embarrassed that their mom/dad has "no life"... outside of parenting. It can be good for your kids to see you going out and having fun!

So, tell us: Are your kids dating? Has their dating caused unexpected -- or uncomfortable -- feelings? How have you coped with this double-whammy parenting challenge?

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Jealousy between relationships means that relationship is about to end…..
This kind of articles are really useful for teenagers and parent both.Jealousy should be avoid for betterment of relationship.

Carolyn August 28, 2009, 8:56 PM

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It’s also good to teach the young thing about how to please a woman. After all, you don’t want some inexperienced kid stumbling around your daughter!

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