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Diane Schuler's Brother Cuts Ties with Her Husband

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New York Post: Blood is not thicker than alcohol.

diane schuler family picture
The father of three young girls who died in a horrific crash caused by his sister wanted nothing to do with the woman's husband after learning she was blind drunk when she sped the wrong way down the Taconic State Parkway, sources told The Post yesterday.

The dad, William Hance, was enraged not just that his sister, Diane Schuler, had guzzled vodka and smoked pot while driving his kids -- but that her husband, Daniel, concocted bizarre medical excuses to try to explain away his wife's condition and denied that she had a drinking problem, said a lawyer familiar with the situation.

Diane Schuler died in the crash, which also killed her own young daughter and three men in the car she hit.

The Hance family has instead forged a bond of compassion with relatives of Michael and Guy Bastardi, the father and son traveling in the car she struck. The two families plan to "mourn together and exchange feelings," said the Bastardi family's lawyer, Irving Anolik.

"[The Hance family lawyer] told me they would prefer not to be in touch with or connected to the Schuler family, particularly their lawyer," said Anolik, referring to media hound Dominic Barbara.

"It doesn't surprise me . . . [that what the Schulers and Barbara said] was a patent falsehood."

Hance's lawyer, James McCrorie -- asked if his clients no longer associate with the Schulers -- said:

"It was supposed to be confidential. They have no comment on anything anyone else in the case says."

Among the damning evidence against Diane Schuler, which her husband and Barbara tried to explain away, was her 0.19 blood-alcohol level. A 1.75-liter bottle of Absolut vodka also was found in the wreckage on July 26.

Hance, of Floral Park, LI, was appalled last week when Barbara, Daniel Schuler, who lives in West Babylon, and other Schuler relatives paraded in front of reporters to offer their spin.

Barbara pointed to numerous ailments they believed caused Diane Schuler to lose control of her vehicle -- like a moving lump in her leg -- rather than the alcohol and pot found in her system.

Barbara's changing story about how the vodka bottle ended up in Schuler's minivan also strained credulity and the Hances' patience.

Barbara declined to comment. The Hances have become so close with the Bastardis, they plan to give them any money gained from a memorial fund set up for their daughters, McCrorie said. The Hances simply "don't want to make any money on this tragedy and if they do get any money on this fund, they intend to turn it over to the Bastardi family," Anolik added. "I was overwhelmed with the generosity and compassion of this family."

Meanwhile, Daniel and Diane Schuler's surviving son, Bryan, 5 -- who suffered severe head injuries in the crash -- was moved from a Westchester hospital to St. Mary's Children's Hospital in Queens. He is showing signs of improvement, lawyers said.

In addition to his mother, Bryan's 2-year-old sister, Erin, also died along with Hance's daughters, Emma, 8, Alyson, 7, and Kate, 5.

Also killed was the Bastardis' passenger, Daniel Longo.

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dayquanna August 15, 2009, 1:58 AM

I recently had dental care for an tooth abcess that I have been putting off (since feb) for lack of health care but what was her (Diane’s) excuse? It had me so twisted I wanted to pull my hair out @ the roots plus the earache/ headache, fever sent me to the ER twice for antibiotic’s and pain relievers. I felt like I wanted 2 end it all but not once did I want to hurt anyone else. I cried on the nurses’ lap “Please help me!” As to smoking pot I thought puffing a joint made you either sleepy, hungry or horny not suicidal. I’m 51 yrs old with leg cramps from varicose (spell check) veins as well with menopause too but I still love life and my family and friends. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Why didn’t the father (daddy) take his son fishing with him? Did he want to get away from her/ him that badly? Isn’t fishing like part of a camping trip? I pray for life’s lost and the loved ones left behind. The children who won’t get to grow up and the parents who won’t get to hug them good night. The wives’, mothers’, fathers’, sons’, daughters’, brother who will be forever haunted by such tragedy, I pray for you all.

Anonymous August 17, 2009, 3:07 PM

a tooth abscess can progress into a brain abscess, which causes pain, confusion, vision problems, and behavioral changes, which can include erratic driving and excessive drinking and drug use

Chris Warshaw August 17, 2009, 3:43 PM

The intoxicating effect of marijuana and booze is greatly increased when one smokes and drinks at the same time.
There is an unpredictable synergy that occurs that can render one in a complete stupor or blackout.
The husband is complicit and probably considers himself and his wife light, social, users.
Typical denial pattern of the addict.

Anonymous September 12, 2009, 10:01 AM

Was her brother at the campground? why did his children ride home with their aunt instead of him? He too has known his sister for her whole life and he did not know she drank to excess? It would be hard for anyone to hide an addiction of that extreme level without family members knowing it. Unless he was never around her in which case why were his children in her car?

CentralCaliGrrrl September 28, 2009, 4:16 PM

The autopsy DID NOT find a tooth abscess or any other physical problems that would lead to this sort of behavior.
All they found was alcohol and marijuana!

Michele January 4, 2010, 2:40 PM

I wish I could contact Daniel personally and tell him I beleive him and this is why ….. I was visiting my mother one afternoon she and a friend had been baking brownies I had no idea these brownies were laced with Marijuana and I do not do drugs…after a tall glass of milk and a few chocolate brownies I left the house, a little while later something horrible hit me, I was scared, I wanted to go to the hospital. When THC gets in your bloodstream the effects are powerful, I was high for many hours until it passed through me…..a camping trip, barbeque yep! my guess is that she ingested something laced with THC, and if she were an alcholic there would have been no booze left in that bottle. stop people and think ! I beleive the accident wasn’t her fault from the onset!
Michele from Seattle

Melle February 14, 2010, 11:20 PM

Ahhh, Michele? Are you still high???? You have got to be kidding! Her family has admitted that she smoked pot “regularly”, yes regularly, because she had trouble sleeping so they said. Please READ ALL your facts in the case!!!! Daniel is a liar!!!!!!! I can’t believe you even fell his BS. All you have to do is look at him. Hollywood has a vacancy sign just waiting for him!

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