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How to Break Up with Binky

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Kid can't get rid of the paci? There are simple ways to wean them off -- in some countries, wee ones even donate them to the zoo!

pacifiers on a tree

Having a hard time weaning the wee one off the pacifier? While some parents believe the pacifier should be history at a certain age, some let their kids walk around with a binky until they're 5 years old. Regardless of your opinion, we're all in agreement that at some point it should be history. How to get rid of it? Here are some ways:

1. In Denmark, little ones donate their old pacifiers to the new baby animals and they are hung from the trees at the zoo.

2. Paci fairy. Just like the tooth fairy, this one also leaves a present or money.

3. Cut the binky in half so it doesn't feel as good on your kid's tongue.

4. Start cutting down places your child is using it so they begin using it only at specific times, not all the time. For example, only at bed time, or only while reading a night time book.

5. Have a new baby coming? Wrap up the pacifier as a gift together. It's likely they will forget about it.

6. Donate it. During the holidays, suggest giving the pacifier to a new baby as a present, wrap it up, then put it under the tree. Santa took it for the new baby!

7. Cold turkey. This will be the hardest one to execute, but they will get over it.

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