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Sarah Palin's Brave Choice -- The Comments

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Last week we brought you a thought-provoking look at Sarah Palin's brave decision to raise a child with Down Syndrome, which was juxtaposed with a personal story of choice and soul-searching.

Sarah Palin and son Trig

Here's what our Community had to say:

Great article. Many women are jealous of Palin because she seems to have everything, and is unapologetic. Let's face it, the media has savaged her, and this sends out a powerful message: she is worth hating. How absurd is that? This piece should be printed in every paper in the USA.
Marylin Pitz

I don't think you should feel shame at all. To continue a pregnancy or not is a horrible, painful choice to have to make. I'm blessed to have two healthy daughters. I should be ashamed to say that if I became pregnant again and something was wrong with the baby, I would probably terminate. It would be especially heartbreaking because I was widowed 6 years ago and have been married again for almost two years. This is my husband's first marriage and he has no biological children, but I can't imagine putting him, myself, and my daughters through life-long stress if I didn't.
Ame I.

I admire Sarah Palin for a lot she did with her family life. Keeping Trig; not forcing her daughter to marry the guy who knocked her up just to make political hay; even trying to get her sister's (allegedly) abusive ex-husband fired made sense to me. She does a lot right as a mother, and if I ever meet her, that's the kind of stuff I'd talk to her about. However, she doesn't have it all -- she consistently fails in her professional life. She is unable to form a grammatical, or even logical, sentence in public speaking situations unless she has a piece of paper in her hands. She blames other people and vague dark forces for keeping her down. Her role as VP candidate was to foment hatred and spread mistruths and lies. The rabble-rousing she did is a main factor for the poor reputation the GOP has now. And winners never quit -- quitters never win. She's a role model as a mother, but not as a politician.
Karen S

Making the choice to have a Down's baby 30 years ago would have been brave when everyone would have recommended putting the baby in an institute and there were no support systems available. Now a days with all the specialists and being able to send your child to an actual school, it's not brave.

As a mother of a son with Down Syndrome, I appreciate you sharing your "afterthoughts." I believe that we need someone like Sarah Palin in office to help us fight for the rights of our special needs citizens -- children and adults alike.

Thank you for this article! I'm so glad momlogic has decided to stop only allowing articles that bash Sarah Palin. Love her or hate her, she's a woman who's raising her family and trying to have a career in the face of many obstacles. She's an icon of strength for all mothers!

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Chantal August 16, 2009, 10:40 AM

I still fail to grasp what the hell is so brave about keeping a child with special needs. I’ve done it (my child with Down’s turns 3 next month) and millions of mothers do it all over the world. Especially for Sarah Palin, there was no choice in the matter BUT to keep the baby: can you imagine someone who is so against abortion actually having one? The baby is just another political string for her to pull, that’s all. I’m sure she loves the child, but there’s no doubt that the only reason he’s been paraded around so much on stage is to curry favor with friends and relatives of special-needs citizens. Just another brownie point for her.

Jen August 16, 2009, 4:16 PM

I 100% agree with everything Chantal said. Millions of women around the world take care of children with special needs. And most of those women do it with far less resources than Sarah Palin.

May August 17, 2009, 2:56 PM

I admire any mom that is raising a special needs child and to that matter any mother that sacrifices her self interest for their kids. However, I don’t admire Sarah Palin, yes she decided to go on with her pregnancy after finding out the baby had down syndrome, but the way she decided to give birth was irresponsible. She put her career first when she decided to give her speech even though she was in labor and then to do all the traveling she did, even thought she knew the problems with her child were very irresponsible. That type of person I do not admire.

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