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Nearly-Naked Man Hijacks School Bus

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My Fox Atlanta: Atlanta police said a nearly naked man hijacked a school bus Thursday afternoon while 10 children and a bus driver were on board. The bus eventually crashed into a ravine and police said it was Good Samaritans who captured the suspect.

Police were called to Boulevard, near Benteen Road just before 4:00 p.m. Thursday. A school bus veered off the road and crashed into a wall.

Investigators said the bus driver was making her after-school drop-off when a man approached the driver's side of the bus and tried to enter the bus through the window.

According to investigators, after a short altercation the man entered the bus through window and overpowered the bus driver.

Police said the man took control of the bus and then left the steering wheel to go after the driver. A student attempted to take control of the steering wheel, however the suspect saw the student's actions and started fighting with the student. The school bus continued in motion, left the roadway and crashed into a wall about 175 feet off the roadway.

Nearby citizens held the suspect down until the police arrived where he was taken into custody. Injured students and the bus driver were transported to Grady hospital and Atlanta Medical Center.

The male suspect was naked at the time of arrest. The bus driver stated that the male entered the bus without a shirt but it is unclear if he was wearing bottom clothing at the time.

Police identified the man as Arris Pitmon.

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Dani August 28, 2009, 1:46 PM

Bus drivers do not make enough money or get enough credit and yet their job is to drive around your most precious cargo! My Mom was a bus driver and she had some really bad neighbor hoods, she was shot at, she had unruly kids that set fire to the bus seats and set off fire works, she had unruly parents who tried to fight her when she wouldnt let their bratty trouble making kids on her bus! She broke up fights etc….
That being said, she also decorated teh bus for holidays, gave out treats, had mini parties where she passed out soda and chips and popcorn, she chased down teh ice cream man on a hot day and bought everyone ice cream and in her 37 years of driving holds the undefeated record of “Most requested driver of any district by both parents and students” My Mom rocked her profession and kept everyones kids safe!

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