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NeNe: 'I Shouldn't Have Been A Single Mom!'

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"If Kim had a book published, it would have to be called 'How to be a mistress and get paid.' Momlogic talked to NeNe Leakes and got some good ol' dirt on all the Atlanta drama!

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With her new book "Never Make the Same Mistake Twice" just launched last week, NeNe's getting everything out in the open -- including her tumultuous relationship with Kim. Momlogic talked to NeNe and got all the behind-the-scenes scoop:

ML: You have a new book out -- tell us about the title:
N: "Never Make The Same Mistake Twice" is a memoir about my life, written in my voice. It's about the mistakes I made -- one of the mistakes was being a single mom. Having my child was not a mistake, but being a single mom was. I was raised without my mother or father; my aunt raised me. I did not want to become part of that cycle. My intentions were to raise my son with my husband -- I was not married when I had my son, however. I was in an abusive relationship. I did not love myself. One of the reasons I stayed was because of my son, because I didn't want to be a single mom. But then I got out. My son was four or five -- I just couldn't raise him like that, seeing his parents fight. I can take a lot, but I just hit a breaking point. So I got out my pen and a piece of paper and I made a plan to leave.

ML: If Kim had a book, what would the title of her book be?
N: "How to Be A Mistress and Get Paid for It." She gets big money from Big Poppa girl!

ML: What's your relationship with Kim really like? Did you really choke her?
N: Me and Kim, we always fight, but we always seem to find ourselves back. We have a weird connection. We fight and then we are friends. We will never be true friends, but we respect each other publicly. She's a very fun girl, working with her can be fun. She's hilarious.

ML: What's up with that hair though?
N: (Laughing) Kim has hair! She wears that wig, but she's got long dark hair. She's a brunette. She likes wearing the blond wig because it gives her fullness.

ML: So she lied about being sick and wearing it?
N: Yeah ... she lied.

ML: Kim smokes in front of her daughters. What's your opinion about her as a mom?
N: I love her daughters, they are just like her -- very loud! She keeps those girls dressed though, they carry Louis V bags, they are ballers! What she is teaching the girls -- the smoking and drinking wine -- I don't know, it's not a great example.

ML: How 'bout Sheree? Are you friends?
N: I only talk to her in the first episode because I want to know what her problem is with me. She is a tough girl to be friends with. She is a DIVA! She thinks she is more than she is. Who does that?! That party planner was doing the party for free and she was asking for things like a helicopter!

ML: What is the biggest misconception about you?
N: That I am super loud. I am not like that all the time, I just speak my mind and I really do have a shy side. Ask my husband! Some people say I am ghetto -- I am not from the ghetto but maybe I have a ghetto state of mind. I'm not from the hood, but I have a hood state of mind. People think I am their girlfriend from the block. I grew up in the country, in Athens Georgia, a college town. I had a big imagination -- I pulled out my Easy Bake Oven when I was little and had big tea parties. I used to write my name on the street "NeNe" and say "Hollywoooood, here I come."

ML: How's the show? Do you like being on it?
N: I like being on it. I'd sign on again, why not!? People are already judging me, I might as well stay.

ML: How's your family handling you being on the show?
N: My foundation with my husband is very strong. That is just how we are. My youngest is in the fifth grade and he came home the other day and said "One of the meanest teachers in the school wants you to sign this magazine with your picture in it." I said, "I will sign it -- you just always tell them you have to ask your mom first!" If he were in high school or junior high, we'd have to have a different conversation. They'll be saying "I don't like your mama!"

ML: What can we expect this season?
N: DRAMA! My journey with the book, ups and downs with Kim.

ML: Do you like the new Housewife (Kandi Burruss)?
N: I don't feel her. I don't dislike her, we just don't click. To be honest, if I were producing this show, I'd keep the cast the same. We all have such big personalities.

ML: Thanks NeNe for chatting!
N: I'm gonna go Twitter right now that I talked to you! I'm a Twitter girl! Thank you!

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ame i. August 23, 2009, 7:20 PM

I can’t believe anyone actually watches that show.

suzi O March 26, 2011, 1:34 PM

nene is definately getto…no class…big mouth…inflated ego…enough of her…please…is this all we can expect from tv…a rose is a rose..and nene…a rose you’re’re more like crabgrass…and when you walk in a room…you don’t own it…everyone just gets up and leaves…too big a mouth…for anyone….please…please…get rid of her!!!!

TNB May 4, 2011, 7:10 AM

NeNe is a typical NigNig. Loud and proud. Not much to be proud about… accused of money laundring using her ‘charity’. Filing for bankrupcy and forclosure… complete looser. You would think being on one of the most successful shows that Bravo has ever had, she would have some cash. Typical groid living beyond their means.. She be on the government handout now. It’s obvious that the public loves to watch loosers like this just crash and burn and they are so oblivious.

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