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Police: Ex-Cop Snuck In High School

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WFSB: A 52-year-old former police officer was arrested after police said he tried to pass himself off as a high school student.

Police said Christopher Schildt, 52, a retired police officer, gained access to Waterford High School Thursday morning. They said Schildt tried to pass himself off as an 18-year-old student and sat in a class.

School officials said they thought Schildt, who looks youthful for his age, was a transfer student from Florida. Schildt told school officials he was registering his 18-year-old nephew, who had the same name and the alleged teen had medical issues and would appear older.

Schildt was arrested Thursday night and charged with forgery, trespassing and breach of peace.

Schildt said getting into the school was his "mission," and that he wanted to prove terrorists could get into America's schools. He said his inspiration was the book, "Black Like Me," a nonfiction book that chronicles the author's six-week experience traveling through the racially-segregated south in 1959.

Schildt said he entered to school for research for a future book he plans to pen on the ease of breaching security and obtaining and forging identity documents. He said he bought the materials he needed to make the documents to enroll in class online and used embossed state seals purchased through a major office supply retailer.

"(They were) excellent documents. He certainly spent a lot of time on the scheme to gain entrance to the school," said Lt. Brett Mahoney of the Waterford Police Department.

Waterford's superintendent said he's embarrassed and that a letter was sent home to parents explaining the incident.

"I think the lesson I take away is that in this day and age, even though you have a story that's very heart rendering, you can't take anything for granted," said Waterford Superintendent Dr. Randy Collins. "It's certainly the most unusual thing I've dealt with my career."

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Dani August 30, 2009, 12:10 AM

His story is a line of bullshit! He is a former cop so he should know that he should have run it by the local police and school board members (they could have kept it secret from the school office etc)But to warn no one? His motives were dirty! Thats like someone stealing from a store and if they got caught then they say they were trying to see how good the security is at that store! PUH_LEEZ! Lock this cook the hell away and keep him away from kids!

GRFN August 31, 2009, 12:43 PM

I personally know Mr. Schildt, and he is a legitimate author who does indeed do research before writing his books. Now, did he take it to an extreme in this instance…probably. But everyone needs to calm down. Everyone that is getting bent out of shape needs to take a step back and re-evaluate their own school system and or family security plans. Because anyone who is ranting and raving is probably just insecure about their own safety and are too embarassed to admit we need to scrutinize everything in this day and age.

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