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Would You Let Your Tween Wear This T?

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Would you want your tween girl sportin' a shirt that says, "The Twins Are Quite A Handful?"

hollister tween tee shirts slutty

Vivian Manning Schaffel: Hollister, the hipster tween clothing brand in many a mall near you, recently introduced a controversial new line of t-shirts that are ... well ... controversial.

Sprinkled with choice phrases like, "Legal-ish," "I *Heart* The Woody," "Save A Wave, Ride A Surfer," "What Tan Lines?" and my personal fave, "The Twins Are Quite A Handful," these tees depict the subtext of surf culture, and those who aspire toward it, as soft-core, jailbait porn.

Who wouldn't want to be young and hot? But then again, why waste precious time on subtlety? Why not just come out and say, "16 and Horny" or in the name of environmental awareness, "Save A Whale, Squeeze A Breast?"

With glistening, hairless bodies all woven together under the sun, Hollister parent brand Abercrombie & Fitch was the forerunner in using provocative means to market to tweens. They stirred the pot and did a damn good job of it. Various groups, mostly conservative, but some even consisting of their core target demographic, held the brand over fire for these practices.

Today, A&F sales figures show a marked decline. Are they hoping a little sexy action will entice the young and the hormonal into forking over their allowances for duds that advertise their "wares?"

Personally, as a teenager, I could see the fun in sporting a shirt with salty lingo, but was way too shy to sport an ad inviting action for my nether regions.

What if one of these tees were on your 12-year old daughter's back-to-school list? Would you spring for it?

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Amanda A.  March 17, 2010, 7:12 PM

I saw my friend/sorority sis (college grad now) wearing the “twins” shirt and I loved it. I have a boob job, so I think it’s funny—but I am 34—not 14. If I had a daughter (when…) I would not allow her to wear those shirts until at least she was in college. It is too suggestive, in my opinion, for teenagers. I was raised morally-correct and by the time girls are in college, they SHOULD know how to behave like ladies.

Rhonda July 10, 2010, 10:11 AM

Some are cute, some are just nasty. Don’t condemn the “Wanna Have Sun” shirt because of the “Woody” one.

Elena Grant October 7, 2010, 4:56 PM

Clever but definitely not appropriate for the younger tweens. I believe in empowering young girls through fashion. These tees are a huge step back!

Cate November 9, 2010, 8:56 PM

I’m almost 21 and I wouldn’t wear a shirt like that if you paid me.

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