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And the Winner Is ...

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Here's a recap of the SYTYCD finale.

jeanine winner so you think you can dance sytycd

Diane Mizota: In its biggest and boldest finale to date, "So You Think You Can Dance" held nothing back, leaving it all on the floor of the Kodak Theater, crowning Jeanine as America's Favorite Dancer and winner of SYTYCD Season 5. The girl earned it! After a grueling season, she did all styles, including hip-hop three times, and not only rose to, but excelled at, every challenge thrown at her.

The cream did rise to the top in this finale, with Brandon and Jeanine stepping up to make this competition a two-horse race. With impressively entertaining solos, they proved to be the ones to beat, despite Evan's adorable puppy dog mug, and Kayla's beastly legs for days, who finished 3rd and 4th, respectively.

This final night of the show proved a tribute to the best routines of the season, which included Janette and Brandon's electrifying Argentine Tango, Jeanine and Jason's Travis Wall-choreographed contemporary number, and, of course, the sublime Tyce Diorio breast cancer routine for his friend, who he announced is now cancer-free.

I just have one beef with the finale: Nigel's borderline inappropriate comments to the women. Usually he toes the line with innuendo, but on Wednesday I felt he bordered on being leering and disrespectful. One of the comments was that in Mia Michaels' number, he wished it would go on longer, implying that he wanted the girls to end up with no clothes on. Pervy. He also said he would have had another heart attack if a leggy blonde (Kayla) put her leg over him, and that he wanted to "do it" with Jeanine after her paso doble. He makes no such comments in regards to the men's sexuality. What message is that sending to young women watching? That your value will always be intrinsically intertwined with your sexuality? As a dancer, it is a true facet of the business, but on a show that consistently elevates dance on television to an art form above bumping and grinding, I call foul. As the executive producer, it's lewd and disrespectful of him to sexualize and leer at these hardworking female dancers. Don't you agree?

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MarMar August 7, 2009, 1:01 PM

I agree. I love SYTYCD but Nigel’s “dirty old man” comments lately have been making me feel rather…dirty. When the top 3 women did the “superhero” routine, he made some leering comment about how chesty Jeanine looked in her costume. She instantly started covering up. This gal had just finished an amazing routine with the other two with no self-consciousness whatsoever, and at that moment she looked like she wanted to just disappear. It was just rude to her, rude to what she’s accomplished, and rude to all the female viewers out there - myself and my daughter included.

ashley August 8, 2009, 8:17 AM

I LOVE the show. I am so glad Jeanine won. She was my fave the whole time!! I just ignored Nygel. He was just caught up in the moment. But then, I have worked in several retirement homes with wealthy old men so I guess I’m just used to the dirty old men. This one guy at the nursing home side of the facility, (my bff worked over there not me) everyday he would tell my friend “Come sit on my lap and see what pops up.” This man was dirty!!
Anyhow, Love Jeanine, Loved the finale!!

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