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Texas Teen Suspended for Posting Bikini Pictures on MySpace

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Fox News: A suburban Fort Worth teen is waiting to find out if she will remain suspended from the Burleson High School drill team because of postings on her MySpace page.

Dallas Fort Worth television station KTVT reports 16-year-old Lindsey Wessel received an e-mail from school officials indicating she was suspended from the drill team because of pictures on her MySpace page showing her wearing a bikini.

Wessel's mother, Alicia Smock, appealed the one-game suspension during a meeting Tuesday with school district officials.

Dallas Fort Worth television station KXAS reports school officials said their final decision will be made by 10 a.m. Wednesday.

A call Tuesday by The Associated Press to the school district was not immediately returned.

Burleson is 12 miles south of downtown Fort Worth.

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