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The Glorious Potluck

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Sometimes that "mystery meat" isn't such a bad thing.

The Glorious Potluck

Recession Mama: What about entertaining on a budget? I am a real fan of the potluck dinner. If I'm invited to dinner where the host is preparing all the food, I ask to bring wine, a dessert or an appetizer. If the offer is rejected, I bring flowers or chocolates for the host's family to enjoy later. People always like to bring something -- I know this because of the number of scented candles in my closet.

With the potluck dinner, everyone brings something and no one feels that the host is terribly put upon. With my friends, we also rotate houses. This is not your mother's potluck.

Well, maybe it is your mother's potluck. I hosted one last winter where everyone had to bring a dish from their childhood. Let me tell you that cream of mushroom soup was an ingredient in fully 50% of the dishes. Also prominently featured were Velveeta, fruit cocktail and canned tuna. We all laughed at the hideous concoctions with names that included the words "Polynesian" and "surprise," joked that we should have eaten before attending the party, then we had dinner...and seconds.

Turns out, all that easy to prepare, lowbrow comfort food we grew up on is delicious. The next theme will be "Dishes we made with our roommates in college" and then maybe "Dishes we made to impress a date." I can't wait!

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abbi August 28, 2009, 7:05 PM

… Excuse me?
You “laughed at the hideous concoctions with names that included the word Polynesian”
What the hell, was this a potluck for rasict blogging mommies of America?

That’s like me saying;
“I had a super good laugh yesterday, About American Apple Pie, but not the apple pie part, Just the American part… god was it hideous.. so hideous it was HILARIOUS!!”

I can’t believe this mindless drivel got published on a site called momLOGIC.

Grow up and stop being so damn ignorant.

Anonymous August 29, 2009, 3:21 AM

I don’t think you understand - anything called Polynesian Chicken or whatever wasn’t actually a recipe from Polynesia. It was some American 50’s recipe with fruit cocktail in it. Just like French dressing isn’t really French. Also, even if it really was Polynesian, since when is it racist to not like a food from another region?? You need to chill, Abbi!

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