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Toys "R" Us is the New Roberto Cavalli

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Maybe trading Alexander McQueen for Lightning McQueen was all worth it.

Toys 'R' Us is the New Roberto Cavalli

Lara Shriftman: Every mother knows that when you have a kid, your own obsessions (mine being shopping) are put by the way side. Now instead of shiny red Louboutins, all I see are shiny red toy cars. Cars, cars, cars! Everything is cars! In fact, if you ask my son what his name is, he exclaims confidently "Car"! His obsession began when I made the mistake (a suggestion of my mother's) of purchasing the Disney Pixar film "Cars." And the rest is history...

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a perfect day for shopping and a late lunch alfresco, and here I find myself at Toys "R" Us. And to tell you the truth, I felt like a kid again, staring down the endless aisles overflowing with toys. I knew he had found the grail when I heard him scream CARS!

$500 later, we walked out with every product licensed by "Cars" the movie. But when we got home, the most incredible thing happened. When I asked him to get in his high chair, there was no fuss because his companion, the star of "Cars," Lightning McQueen, was staring up at him from the place mat. The same thing happened with the Lightning McQueen sippy cups, now he won't even go close to his bottle. And in the morning when he woke up in his "Cars" sheets, he played in his crib alone for an hour. He had never done that before! It was then that I thought to myself maybe trading Alexander McQueen for Lightning McQueen was all worth it.

And it was worth it. For the price of a pair of heels, I got sippy cups, place mats, plates, sheets, toy cars, books; they even had baby wipes and diapers. They had all the essentials, everything I needed and more. I was happy he was happy, and now all I need to know is: can anyone get me a discount at Toys "R" Us??

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Anonymous June 20, 2010, 8:07 PM

This happened with my daughter! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get her to eat vegetables when they were on a Disney Princess plate. I just wish someone had shared this trick with me earlier. Such great advice!

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