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Wasted Youth: College Freshmen Gone Wild

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What really goes on during a kids' first year of college? Momlogic investigates.

For the first 18 years of their lives, we guide and protect our kids in the safety of our homes, but what happens when they head off to college and leave the nest for the very first time? We wanted to find out what they're really up to during those first few weeks of total, unchaperoned independence.

We followed real college freshmen to dorms, parties, and frat houses for an uncensored look into what college life is really like -- and what we learned will shock you.

Last year, the average American household income was $50,233. The average price of a private, four-year college is $25,143 per year. If your child is a college freshman, do you know where all your money is going? We didn't either ... until now.

Parents' hard-earned money isn't just going to books, dorms, and classes ... it's also financing drinking, drugs and dangerous sex.

We were rocked to the core by what we saw, so we were compelled to dig deeper. We surveyed 2,500 college freshmen from around the country about what really happens on campus.

Over the next five days, momlogic explores campus life from a freshman's perspective. If you have a kid in college -- you need to see this. Momlogic's experts will provide you with a step-by-step action plan on how to talk to your kid about the dangers of campus life. Check back every day this week for our five-part series: Wasted Youth: What Freshman Year in College is REALLY Like.

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