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Who Me? Jealous?!

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Dear Little One, It seems the green-eyed monster might live under my bed. I'm not scared. Here's why.

father playing with is kid

Christina Montoya Fiedler: When my husband (your dad) comes home from work, your life stops and everything from that point on revolves around "da-da." As soon as you hear the keys in the front door, around 6 in the evening, your eyes light up. Your arms flail with anticipation and a smile starts from ear to ear. You shriek with pure delight and reach up for dad to fly you high in the air and smoother you with kisses. From then on, everything revolves around dad. It's almost like I can hear you say, "Mama who?"

Hey Mister, I'm the one who wiped your butt all day, force fed you those greens so you'd have a balanced diet, and caressed your little head as you drank your afternoon "baba"! Where's my shriek of excitement every time I walk into the room?!

And to top it all off, when your first steps were taken last weekend, who did you walk to with open arms? Dad of course!

I guess it comes with the territory. I am "the mama." I give love, attention, food, warmth, and comfort. Yes, I can play with the best of them, but nothing is as good as horseplay with dad. I can't throw you high into the air like he does without feeling a twinge of nervousness. Not your dad. He lives dangerously and you L.O.V.E. it. I'm also sure it has something to do with the fact that you see my face all. day. long. I'm there every time you turn around. Get used to it kiddo.

On the other hand, this excitement that you share with your father, means just one thing: That he is a great dad! He's not afraid to be affectionate with his son and treasures the quality time that he gets to spend with you. He doesn't mind changing diapers, and doing all the dirty work that goes along with raising a child.

Let's not forget, your obsession with your daddy gets me at least two hours of peace -- me time -- to do everything and anything that requires two arms. See, I usually only get to do things with one arm during the day, because I'm holding you with the other.

So, about that green-eyed monster. I think I'll send him packing. So what if you set your sights on "da-da" the moment you two are in the same room together? It's a gift.

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