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Baby Hotel Lets Parents Check In Without Hassles

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Daily News: Moms and dads who can't find a sitter for their weekly date night can now try the next best thing.

Get a room for the kids instead.

The Baby Hotel, located in an upscale suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, lets parents check their children into their own rooms.

Open 24/7, the hotel takes kids upwards of age three and features such amenities as dinner, a bath and even potty training. The best part is the rates - about $70 a night, or what a good babysitter would cost for a few hours' work. reports that the hotel is the brainchild of single mother Esme Zennis, who wasn't looking for a place to stash her kids while she had a romantic rendezvous - she just wanted a day care center or nursery willing to take care of her three children for short periods.

"Nurseries are not flexible," said Zwennis. "They have very specific hours. You have to be enrolled full-time to use them. They just don't do an hour or two at a time."

Harried mothers of small children said the hotel provides an invaluable service by allowing them to get their chores and errands done while the kids are being taken care of.

"I dropped them off the whole day and picked them up in the evening," said a mother of 21-month-old twins. "It's so convenient."

The hotel has become so popular that a second one is due to open this year in another South African city, according to

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Kristen September 5, 2009, 2:36 PM

I would NEVER leave my child at a place like this. I think this is dangerous, you don’t know what kind of people they are hiring. Even if they are doing background checks on their employee’s it’s still no guarantee.

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