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Sometimes You Gotta Splurge

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Sometimes the least expensive product is not really the best deal.

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Recession Mama: Some years ago, I bought a super-thin metal spatula. It was very flexible, and I thought it would work great for lasagnas and pies. It was a little more than I liked to spend, but I had never seen one like it. It was made by OXO, and I noted that it had a lifetime warranty. A couple of years later, the spatula broke.

I called OXO and they asked how it happened. I said truthfully that I didn't know, but it probably got caught when someone closed the drawer. The rep said it really didn't matter -- even if I had run it over with a car, it had a lifetime warranty and they would replace it. They sent me a new one, and I have bought many of their products since then -- the same with JanSport backpacks, ShedRain umbrellas, and Revlon personal care products.

I have had all these items replaced free of charge over the years because of comprehensive lifetime warranties. The best part about a lifetime warranty is that you don't have to locate a receipt! You just have to be willing to call and wait on hold to get to the right person.

Companies want to make the customer happy, thus inspiring them to tell their friends, who buy the product, and so on. I'll do my part now by telling all of you what good experiences I've had, and recommending that you save time and money by buying products whose companies stand behind them.

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