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Feedback: I Almost Died Before Doc Listened

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Real moms speak out.

Angela and Samia Logan

Last week, we brought you the story of one mom who knew something was wrong with her pregnancy -- but her doctor assured her that "pregnant women are just uncomfortable." Her near-death experience made her -- and our community -- realize that a mom's biggest advocate needs to be herself:

You know, as you were describing your symptoms in the essay, *I* knew where you were going with it. And your doctor didn't? Shame on the doctor for not recognizing such serious symptoms for what they were. My doc ordered blood tests anytime my between-appointment weight gain was more than what it should have been, and they did urine tests at every single appointment to check for protein. I'm thankful that he did. I was very happy to read that your story had an obviously happy ending. But still ... I am frustrated on your behalf at your doctor! -- CV

I hope what people take away from this is that they have the right to fire their health professional (and get a new one) if they feel they are not getting the care and attention they deserve! -- Christine

Angela, your story is an amazing one. Prayerfully, other women will read your story today or sometime in the future and decide to trust their gut feeling, even if it means switching doctors during their pregnancy. Continue to talk about your story to promote awareness of this horrible condition affecting women all over. God has blessed you with a gorgeous daughter, a wonderful husband, and your life -- continue to educate and encourage! You're awesome. -- Alisha Johnson

I'm a firm believer in a second opinion when you have that nagging suspicion that something just isn't quite right. I'm glad you made it out OK. Out of 6 pregnancies, I had 3 miscarriages and 2 high-risk with severe complications, one causing my son to be born premature and we both barely survived. So I understand where you are coming from. Luckily, I had doctors that went the extra mile to make sure I was given proper medical attention. Without their over-cautious attitude, it's 100% positive that I wouldn't be here today. -- Anonymous

Angela, I am so glad you pulled through. These stories make me so sad, and sick to my stomach. I also had preeclampsia, and my daughter had intrauterine growth restriction. I knew I did not look as pregnant as I should have, and I knew that the baby wasn't growing right. And I had to twist my nurse midwife's arm to get her to do another ultrasound. I am guessing a few more days and my daughter might have died in utero, and I would've gotten sicker. -- Amy

Your story is so similar to mine that it's almost unbelievable. With my 5th pregnancy, I developed preeclampsia. At my 24-week checkup, I had started swelling. The swelling continued to increase over the next several weeks, and I insisted something was wrong. My doctor insisted that I was worrying too much. At my 36-week appt, I had protein in my urine. That night, I went to the ER and my blood pressure was at stroke level. The doctor admitted me, but refused to induce me until I was at 37 weeks. I lay there for 3 days, waiting for them to just get my baby out. When she finally induced me, my baby was born abnormally small. I *knew* something had been wrong the entire time, and the doctor still wouldn't listen to me. After my son was born, the preeclampsia got worse. I almost died several times during the 24 hours after his birth. My blood pressure would rise to stroke level, and then bottom out. They had to restart my heart 3 times in those 24 hours. I couldn't even care for my baby. I will never forgive my doctor for what she did to me, and what she could have done to my baby -- as well as the rest of my family. I am so thankful to YOU for raising awareness on this issue. People need to know that it's OK to stand up to your doctor when you know something is wrong. Thank you for sharing your story. -- Angie

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