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Five Iowa Teens Strip-Searched at School

sign up for the momlogic newsletter Tweet This Concerned parents are demanding answers from the Atlantic School Board in Atlantic, Iowa, after a group of teenage girls say they were strip searched at school. Some of those concerned parents showed up at Tuesday night's meeting to get more information, but they were disappointed.

The alleged incident happened at Atlantic High School in Cass County. Administrators are being tight lipped about what happened, but lawyers of the five girls say they were forced to take off their clothing after a classmate reported money missing.

The superintendent did confirm an administrator is on paid leave after five girls say they were forced to strip to their underwear, but all the school board will say, is that an investigation is ongoing.

"This is going to be solved. It may be a long investigation and take time but we will do the right thing by school board policies and by the law. We appreciate your patience and support," says School Board President Phil Hascall.

However, many parents in Atlantic are out of patience with the school. One parent got up in front of the school board demanding facts, but came away with nothing.

Attorney Ed Noethe represents two of the teenagers, he says on August 21, five girls at Atlantic High School were told to take off their clothing after another student reported $100 missing.

Noethe said each girl was asked to strip in various degrees in front of a female councilor and the girl who claimed her money was missing. He says at least one was told to take all her undergarments off, and one was asked to strip twice because she didn't take her bra off.

The money was not recovered, and now parents are angry, saying they should have been informed about this incident right when it happened. Instead, they've heard nothing from the school district 18 days after the alleged incident took place.

"It makes us look like we're nobody. We are somebody here in Atlantic. Speak up, somebody speak up and tell us what's going on. We have the right to know just like the rest of them. Why is it so confidential?" says parent Debbie Frazier.

The superintendent wouldn't make a comment today, but last weekend confirmed five girls were searched. However, he denies it was a strip search, saying according to board policy, it was an allowable search.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that no school official has free reign to perform "intimate" searches of students.

As for a police investigation, Atlantic's Chief of Police says the Department looked into the alleged incident after one of the five girls called. He says he interviewed her and several administrators from the school. However, he says the Police department decided there wasn't any criminal activity, rather a matter for the school to handle themselves.

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No Spam September 10, 2009, 6:37 AM

The problem in a small town (like the one I grew up in) is that most everyone of any importance is related one way or another to four or five core families.

So when Superintendent [cousin] Ed over at the police station calls Superintendent [2nd cousin] Mike over at the school and says, “Y’all really didn’t strip search these girls over a lousy c-note did y’all?!?”, Mike says, “Why h*** no, Ed. What kind o’pervert do you take me for! It was [aunt] Bebe’s kid, Whimsy, whinin’ about some money she lost and you know what a PIA Bebe can be and we had to do somethin’ you know.” Ed replies, “Geez, Mike. Why didn’t ya jes give Whimsy some money and send her back to class! Now we got a h*** of a mess and sure as flies someone’s going to get lawyers. You gotta handle this. I’m staying out it. Ya hear?” Click!

In the old days, Bebe woulda known better than to have a c-note out where Whimsy could find it, and Whimsy woulda known better than to take it [to school no less], and no one at school woulda stole it ‘cause that just be wrong in the first place.

But now we got no Bible or Prayer in schools … AND … along with that came no Respect, no Sense of Right or Wrong, and no Common Sense.

The school systems we have now are just what we deserve after decades of listening to whacko “experts”. A recent movie even glorified the life of the pedophilic bi-sexual who developed the basis for nearly every non-abstinence-based sex education program in the country over the past 20 or so years.

No wonder these poor kids / parents are confused. They got devalued and brainwashed and don’t even know it Didn’t you ever wonder why doctors and lawyers and such, work so hard to get their kids into private school? ;)

ame i. September 17, 2009, 3:40 PM

No Spam is right. I grew up in a small town and know how different it is than a larger town or city.
My daughters are 9 & 11. The FIRST time I read of a strip search incident, I sat them down and told them to NEVER agree. They should start by politely saying the school personel needs to call me, my husband, my father, my mother, anyone in the family. I’d rather they take off running than to allow themselves to be strip searched. If any person ran my child down & used force to remove their clothing, that is a completly different matter. I would see them in jail.

George October 7, 2009, 8:29 PM

Does ANYBODY know
1)DID the super consult the school’s attorney???
2)WHO did he consult???

IF the super consulted an attorney… the attorney should be fired immediately!

If the super tried to justify this strip search using his own reasoning… HE should be fird immediately!

egene December 3, 2009, 6:57 PM

The superintendent says “It was not a strip search”, surprise it was if they were told to take off their clothing. The school is definitely trying to hide something, but in so doing even more garbage will surface. Stick to your guns parents because I know what I would do if any school official told my daughter to take her clothes off. This alledged theft should have been reported to the parents of the girls accused or suspected of the theft and together with the school investigated the accusation.

CochranCANDY29 June 15, 2010, 9:40 PM

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Thi Santoyo December 2, 2010, 8:20 PM

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