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Community Feedback: Hey Jon -- Words Hurt!

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"Despise" is a strong word. Unfortunately it's the one Jon Gosselin chose to describe his feelings for his estranged wife, Kate. We asked the momlogic community whether they thought Jon's comments were deserved or degrading, since, you know, he is talking about the mother of his children.

jon cant stand kate gosselin

Jon Gosselin, shut your trap. I used to be your supporter ... now, you're a big baby who says on national TV that you despise your wife. I'm sure your kids will love to hear that. You were so worried about them googling you; now you are spewing your idiocy with your pot-smoking, arrest-record, 22-year-old girlfriend. Yeah for you. -- Jill

I hope that the judge making the decisions regarding child custody realizes how harmful Jon's recent actions have been to the kids and gives him very limited access to them. He really, really needs to learn to keep quiet. -- Sara

Kate and Jon remind me of "War of the Roses." They both try so hard to compete for public sympathy, each one slandering the other on a daily basis.They are both so immature and reactive. Their dirty laundry should be a private matter, not aired on TV interviews and front page magazine covers and worst of all the Internet! They each say they love their children so much. Well, then they need to think of the permanent emotional damage they are doing to them and they need to zip their mouths shut and never again speak negatively about each other. A child's self-esteem gets destroyed in ugly divorces. They blame themselves for their parents' demise. Kate and Jon need to swallow their inflated egos and false pride, for the sake of their innocent children. Jon and Kate desperately need individual counseling to learn how to forgive each other, for their children's sakes and for their own sakes. Without closure, they can never move forward and find peace and true happiness! It's due time for a new chapter (a healthy one) in Jon, Kate, and their kids' lives. -- Leeza

What Jon had to say should have been said to a marriage counselor, and HE NEEDS TO BE COUNSELED. He has no clue how much harm he is doing to his children. Nobody should ever say they despise the partner of their children, even if it is what they think. Get into counseling, Jon, before you spew more hate. Think of your children first, not last ... there are more important things than YOU in this situation ... -- Tina

Do you people not remember the way that Kate talked to him on the show? Do you not think that if she talked to him like that on camera, could you imagine what it was like off-camera? -- Karen

I feel sorry for the entire family. What a horrible experience to endure. I was the product of a broken home, and I know it is very painful. My dad is now 84, and it has only been in the last few years that I have a healthy relationship with him. This is what Jon has to look forward to, I fear ... many years of separation from his children. In fairness, if Jon and Kate have such disrespect for each other, the children are better off without him being around ... I do not watch the program anymore, and I used to love it ... They have lost more than their marriage, which apparently was "made for TV." -- r.buehl

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Jill September 15, 2009, 10:29 AM

Well for one thing, shame on them both for still being in the public eye. However, Jon has every right to say how he feels about Kate. After all, would Kate get this much slack if she said despised Jon.
Jon’s behavior is a result of years of emotional and verbal abuse from Kate. Don’t forget that she repeatedly degraded him for all the world be is. He’s human and trying to find a way to fight for himself. Although his way of fighting may effect his kids, he’s showing them how to stand up for yourself. Which is something that has ever done to Kate. She was used to being in total control, like a drill sergeant. Her behavior will also have a lot to with the kids mental and emotional status when they are older. As for Jon’s girlfriend, she’s young and used to do drugs, so what? what you’re forgetting is “used to”. Jon and Kate have had their kids in the public eye for years and the crazy paparazzi following their every single move. So how is that any less dangerous than being around someone that used to do something.

Peggy Gorman September 15, 2009, 11:01 AM

One word and he is judged so harshly. They both should learn the art of being quite.In 5 years it won’t matter but it will to the kids. I think they both need to learn that there is such a thing called Google and the kids will be using it.

barbie September 23, 2009, 10:43 PM

Jon saying he despises Kate is no worse than her telling the kids that he didn’t care about their safety because he had boxes stacked around when he was putting their beds together. WHY didn’t she keep the kids out of the area where he was always working on her major projects for him. And why couldn’t the kids take naps in a room OTHER than the one he had to put the beds together in since they were sleeping on mattresses on the floor? The kids have heard 5 seasons worth of her berating and belittling him so a few comments he makes that are in mags or on tv are certainly no worse.

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