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Hey Jerky Sports Guy -- Stick to Your Beat!

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A sports writer who wrote an unbelievably offensive article about Jaycee Dugard should stick to his beat or "leave the yard."


Momstrosity: I would like to bestow several awards on journalist Mark Whicker. First would be "The Most Tasteless, Unsympathetic Piece of Garbage Award." Whicker, writer for the OC Register, wrote an article entitled "Many Odd Things Have Happened in Sports the Past 18 Years: Here's a Primer for Someone Who Has Missed Nearly Two Decades," in which he detailed all of the sporting events that Jaycee Dugard missed out on when she was allegedly being held captive and repeatedly raped by her captor, sicko Phillip Garrido.

His list of things Jaycee missed (besides her childhood, family, freedom, and control of her own body) included:

  • She never saw a highlight.
  • Never got to the ballpark for Beach Towel Night.
  • Probably hasn't high-fived in a while.

Nope, no high-fiving for little Jaycee -- she was too busy being a teenage sex slave.

Was this man -- who, by the looks of him, I wouldn't trust in a room alone with my daughter -- just sitting around the OC newsroom thinking "Gee whiz, this Dugard story sure is getting a lot of play; I wonder how I can incorporate the story of a girl whose life was ruined by a pedophile into a funny sports list?" Then the sickest part of the story: his editor green-lighted his offensive "humor" piece.

In an interview with, Whicker says he was "surprised" by the reaction to his piece. "Obviously I mis-read the emotional component of this story because the reaction really has been quite extreme. I think the intent of the column was still valid."

OK, here comes another award. How about "The Most Slack-Jawed, Mouth-Breathing Moron Award"??

WTF is this guy's problem?! I wonder to myself, does Mark Whicker have children? If his children were snatched from the street, would his only concern be that they missed out on  "Towel Night"?!

I've got an idea -- why doesn't someone hold Whicker captive and rape him for 18 years? Can you imagine all that HE would miss?

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Aala September 10, 2009, 3:42 PM

Right on. Sick horrible disgusting man. He can burn in hell.

Samantha September 10, 2009, 4:29 PM

Fire this Sicko! My God have compassion for a pitiful sad situation Don’t make jokes out of other peoples misery!

Anonymous September 11, 2009, 10:09 AM

This sports writer is guilty of an unbelievably shallow interpretation of this event. What was he thinking? This is what he thinks she missed out on? This guy is crazy.

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