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Kate Gosselin Denies She's Posing for Playboy

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US Weekly: Kate Gosselin isn't stripping down for Playboy any time soon, she announced Friday during her third time cohosting The View this week.

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A tabloid reported that Hugh Hefner offered the mother of eight $400,000 to bare all, but Kate said: "There's a rumor that I was asked to pose for Playboy. It never happened!"

Kathy Griffin -- who also appeared on The View Friday -- joked that she'd pay the lad mag to let her pose nude dressed up as Kate.

"Why don't we do a nude...lesbo thing?" Griffin asked Kate.

Her response?

"Oh, wow," Kate said.

Kate also told Griffin she laughed at a video the comic filmed for Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the clip, Griffin dons a wig, screams at her kids and rolls her eyes as estranged husband Jon -- played by Star Trek's George Takei -- makes out with a cheerleader.

"I watched it online and I didn't know what to expect," she said. "I caught myself cracking up out loud.

Kate -- who was back to her wavy 'do -- also discussed tabloid reports that Jon slept with a former nanny, Stephanie Santoro, while his kids were home.

"Well, I guess it's the article of the week and basically my only comment on that -- just based on the behavior of the last several months -- I'm not surprised," Kate said. "Honestly, I don't know. We were separated. It goes back to the recent police being called, blah blah blah.

"I need to say about this article, I'm not saying it's true or false," she went on. "All I'm talking about is what my intuition is saying. The background story is I had never met this babysitter." (Us Weekly reported Jon and Santoro -- who sold $2 shots at local bar Legends Lounge -- had a sexy sleepover in early August.)

In August, cops were called to the the family's $1.1-million Pennsylvania home after Kate showed up while Jon was supposed to have custody of their eight kids.

Kate explained: "I learned that he asked this babysitter to come over when he was not going to be home. It started out very friendly. I called him and said, 'If you're not going to be home, can I come?'"

Kate says her "alarms and whistles" were going off about Santoro. "I asked him kindly to use the approved babysitters we have," she said.

Kate said she "sat at the gate and just sobbed."

Joy Behar pointed out that Kate was "winning the PR award."

Said Kate: I'm not out to win any awards. I'm just out to be the best mother I can possibly be."

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