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Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

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Today momlogic is celebrating Labor Day -- for real -- with a compilation of our community's best labor stories.

So, put your feet up, celebrate your hard work, and take a moment to reflect on the amazing things you do as a mother yesterday, today, and always.

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

Six days after my daughter was due, I started feeling what I thought might be labor pains. This was my second child, so I'd been through labor before ... But this pain wasn't nearly as intense. My husband had to drop off a rental car, so we did that first on the way to the hospital. I was really in no big rush because I wasn't even sure if this was "it" or not. We were in rush hour traffic, so it took nearly an hour to get to the hospital.

When I got onto the labor and delivery floor, I was all smiles. The nurse said to me, "You don't look like you're in labor!" But then she examined me and said I was dilated to a 6. I couldn't believe it!

About 10 minutes later, right after they broke my water, the pain came. I asked for my epidural, and the nurse said, "You're an 8 now -- it's too late for your epidural!"

I about FREAKED OUT right there. I wanted my drugs!

I told my husband, "I want my f-ing epidural!" and he went to find an anesthesiologist. He could only find the C-section anesthesiologist (I was having a vaginal birth), but he gave it to me anyway. Phew!

My baby was born a few hours later, pain-free. But I'll always be thankful I was able to get that epidural just in the nick of time. -- Julie Taylor

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

I got induced at 3 AM with my first son. We had to go through the hospital emergency room entrance to get into the hospital, and someone had to walk us up to the birthing center. I refused any drugs at first. I wanted to do it the natural way, silly me! My mom and brothers (ages 5 and 6) were in town, so they along with the boyfriend's family kept coming and going all day. They gave me Pitocin to start the labor and my contractions were super bad, literally going to the top of the chart. It was horrible. Almost as horrible as the boyfriend watching the monitor and repeatedly saying, "Oh my God, this is going to be a big one!"

At some point during the labor I got fed up, started getting out of the bed, and everyone asked what I was doing. I told them I was going home, that I couldn't do it. The nurses started freaking out, telling me I had to do it, I couldn't just leave and be done, that this baby had to come out today.

During the actual delivery, the boyfriend stayed up by my head the whole time. He didn't want to watch, for which I was glad. However, since my mom couldn't stay in there with me because she had my little brothers, the boyfriend's mom stayed and was really a big, huge help. I don't know what I would have done without her there.

BUT, she had no problem at all being "down there" during the delivery. She was even taking pictures! Now I was going through labor, in pain, and not really worried about whatever she was doing ... until it was over and I was pretty mortified! -- Melissa

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

I had planned a home birth, but I was 10 days past my due date and edgy. I started taking a castor oil/Slimfast shake at 9 AM and started labor pains about 4 hours later. We had filled up a blow-up pool with water to have a water birth. My mom was my midwife, it was just her, and I was with my husband on the telephone (out of the country on business). I'll never forget my mom coming in and checking how far I was dilated and her saying ... "What in the world is that!" Trust me, not the words you want to hear. "That" ended up being my daughter's head. My mom was thrown by the blond hair. I gave birth to my daughter at 9:08 PM. We still give my mom a hard time about that. -- Anonymous

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

My "labor day" is one for all the adoptive moms out there who think they never will experience "labor." First of all, consider that a myth!

I had gone through the process of getting on the adoption list, being told how long it could take to get a child (let alone a healthy baby), then waiting, buying baby clothes no matter what the odds were of actually getting an infant, preparing the room for whatever sex we did get, then more waiting, tears on top of waiting, and meeting the foster parents as well as attending meetings on adoption/fostering children. It felt like a punishment for not being able to conceive at first, until I met the love of my life, my little darling baby girl who was at the age of nine months. All the pain of not being able to have actual labor went away.

I say, I did go through "labor," although it was not physical, it was more emotional than anything else.

I would do it all over again too. Meeting your child for the first time, no matter what the age is, is a blessing all alone. Today, my little four-year-old is a healthy, thriving child.

The adoption experience is so fulfilling in so many ways, I feel as if it is a blessing that I received such a wonderful child. To keep in mind, it was a labor ... a labor of love.

Adoption is a beautiful gift! -- Charlotte Tersigni

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

I went into premature labor with my last child while I was at work. A coworker said he was too busy to go to the ER in our hospital to draw blood from a patient and asked me to go. While I had a needle in my patient's arm, my water broke -- 6 weeks early! My little guy was born that next morning and didn't even weigh 5 pounds. I knew he was my last, and opted for an epidural instead of natural birth, like with my first two. (WHAT WAS I THINKING with those two???) We went home after he spent 11 days in NICU, and he's now a happy, VERY energetic five-year-old.

And the coworker who sent me to the ER? He thinks that he caused my premature labor because he wouldn't go work. I still hold it over his head, even though I know that had nothing to do with it!! -- Beth

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

After a long day at the beach and walking around an open market, at 6:30 PM, I sent my husband to his Kung-Fu class. An hour later, as I gave my first child a bath, I felt a small "pop" you know where! I began to feel back pain coming in waves, and so within 15 minutes I was on the phone to my husband. His voicemail picks up. I called again and again. No pickup. Before long, my contractions were fiery hot and I was panting on my bedroom floor. My daughter lay sleeping in her bed, I had no family nearby. I called 911 and screamed into the phone, "My baby is coming NOW!" I lay on my floor and begged God to allow me to have the baby in the hospital and not ruin our new Berber carpet.

The paramedics arrived along with a neighbor, who heard the sirens. I could only pant and screech directions on how she could care for my little girl while I was rushed to the nearest hospital. In the ambulance, the paramedics reached my husband (who had turned off his phone ... yes, he did make it to the hospital! No, I have not let him forget this!). I was rushed to the ER, and a doctor asked me to open my legs. I promptly smacked him away and saw the bemused look on his face. He told them to bring me to labor and delivery, and deliver I did. At 9:20 PM, we had a beautiful baby boy. -- Shannon Love

Momlogic Celebrates Labor Day

I have a history of going into labor at inconvenient times. It seems to be a running joke in my family, how I screw up family plans by birthing children. What can I say? I'm devilish that way. There was my first, who spoiled two separate holiday dinners by breaking her water sac on Thanksgiving morning. Or my middle, for whom several events were postponed, but was two weeks late and managed to arrive on the day of a family birthday party.

But my youngest, he takes the prize.

Three years ago, my father was diagnosed with ALS. He began making plans and taking opportunities wherever he could, knowing that time would be short. So of course, when he and my mom were given tickets to a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young concert, he was thrilled to go. Did I mention they also had backstage passes? And that my dad is a huge fan? Ahem. You probably see where this is going.

Saturday evening and I had just gotten off the phone with my mom. No, no contractions. No, no back pain. They were safe. Go, have fun, maybe score a contact buzz. They were on the road and not only excited for the show, but looking forward to having dinner with some friends from their high school days. And then my water broke. Though I did debate keeping quiet, I had promised, so after tracking down my husband and arranging care for my daughters, I called Mom. Dad argued that they probably had time to see the show, but Mom was adamant. They were coming home.

I should have stayed quiet. I was in labor for hours, not giving birth until the next morning. And you'd better believe I heard about that. My dad has held a minor, loving grudge for the past three years. Of course, he'll admit that his only grandson was worth missing the show, but he maintains that they could have seen the show and been back in plenty of time. On the bright side, my son has the tickets and passes in his baby book and a story to rival his sisters' in terms of an inconvenient arrival! -- Jennifer Ahnberg

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Gigohead  September 7, 2009, 6:20 PM

I had my own baby August 27! It’s indeed a labor day for me! I’m delighted to report that while my son was born 8 weeks early due to preclampsia, he is thriving and doing quite well. I expect to bring him home in a few weeks!

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