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Nancy Garrido Misses HER Girls? Outrageous!

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Nancy was not a victim. I suspect she was, in fact, a willing participant.

Nancy Garrido

Dr. Michelle Golland: Nancy Garrido's attorney says that she misses and loves her daughters. She is, of course, referring to kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard's biological daughters, fathered by her accused captor and rapist Phillip Garrido -- Nancy's husband. Make no mistake about it, prosecutors have given Nancy Garrido equal billing when it comes to the criminal counts, hitting her with the same 29 charges her husband is facing -- which could mean life behind bars.

Nancy is accused of forcible rape, committing a forcible lewd act upon a child, and false imprisonment by violence. These charges date from the day then 11-year-old Jaycee went missing in 1991. The police also believe it was Nancy who actually physically abducted Jaycee. Nancy was not a victim. I suspect she was, in fact, a willing participant.

Nancy met Phillip while he was serving time in Leavenworth penitentiary for the 1976 rape and abduction of Katie Calloway Hall. They communicated through letters, and then married in a ceremony while he was still in prison. This is a woman who, with full knowledge of his sadistic and violent past, still wanted to marry him.

Nancy Garrido is much more of a sociopathic monster than a mother who should be missing her children. Her "children" were born out of her violence. She and her husband allegedly inflicted this torture upon Jaycee and her daughters simply to satisfy their twisted and bizarre lifestyle. Her "girls" were lied to about the identity of their mother, who was actually Jaycee. They were raised in an environment of violence and trauma, washed in Phillip and Nancy's sexual compulsions and mental illness.

The police are particularly interested in the five-month period in 1993 when Phillip went to prison on a parole violation, because it was shortly after he returned home that Jaycee became pregnant with her first child. When I heard that, it made me think how resilient Jaycee was because she was forced to keep this secret from her children to keep them safe. I suspect that part of the abduction and fantasy for Nancy may have been for Jaycee to have children for her. I suspect that Nancy either did not want to carry children, or that she was unable to get pregnant. She was 35 years of age when Jaycee was abducted, and nearly 40 when the first child was born.

I believe both Phillip and Nancy Garrido should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The police do not believe that Phillip could have kept up this charade without the participation and assistance of Nancy Garrido. In a strange way, it is only now that Nancy Garrido understands the devastating loss of a child. Jaycee Dugard's mother had to live with that intense pain every single minute of every single day for the last 18 years.

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Commonsense September 3, 2009, 10:24 AM

No this author isn’t remotely biased or prejudgemental not at all & pigs fly. What happened was terrorible & hard to believe lasted so long or in the US but the fact is it’s still the US and no matter the past the people involved are entitled to a fair trial. Having said that this other write about how evil they are & how they should be locked up then calls them mental cases & physcopaths & crazies before any expert reports & certainly before any trial or judgement. I’m all for locking them up forever especially if guilty as they seem to be but again this is america & this author is suppose to give unbiased reports in her stories as an author but also follow the law which is treat everyone even these people a fair trial & benifit of the doubt which she fails to do.

commonsense September 3, 2009, 10:28 AM

Is this author a certified court appointed expert let alone assigned to this case? No then she like all of us must give the accused their right to a fair trial & treat them as innocent until proven guilty & convicted by a jury of their peers which hasn’t obviously happened yet. She should be sued for violating their rights just as the victims should sue the couple.

Mayor of Concord September 3, 2009, 10:58 AM

This story is heart wrenching. I am glad that this monster has been caught and that Jaycee has been found. It’s hard to think that a man like this was living in our area.

Mel September 3, 2009, 12:17 PM

Does it really take an expert to label these two people as evil and crazy? No I dont think so, anyone who could do what they have done couldnt be anything but evil and crazy! If this was your daughter commonsense I highly doubt you would still feel the same way. As far as Im concerned giving people like these two a so called fair trial is a waste of tax payers money. If the system really works he would have never been let out of prison in the first place.

birdsfly September 3, 2009, 1:40 PM

@commonsense, this is a blog site, pretty much everything is from the perspective of the writer unless directly ripped from the AP news.

Dave September 3, 2009, 3:19 PM

Commonsense…You would feel different if it was your kid that went missing! Taken by someone who was repeatedly locked up and turned loose on society again and again!! I think they BOTH should get the chair!

ame i. September 3, 2009, 4:17 PM

I can not fathom waking up every morning for 18 years not knowing if my child was alive or dead.
I think the both of them deserve to die horrible deaths at least 3 times.
Sometimes a person can’t be blamed by whatever mental illness/insanity plagues them, but they are to blame for acting on it.

HaFinlan September 3, 2009, 4:25 PM

Well Commonsense, looks like you were tried/convicted/fried by a jury of your blog peers. This is the US and we’re free to speak our minds. Should the author, a professional, have made such presumptions? I don’t think so, but in this particular case it’s so infuriating and disgusting what they did to a child! It is so in your face blatently wrong that the only way these two idiots would be found innocent is by a jury of dead people! It ain’t gonna happen!!

DreamTraveler September 6, 2009, 3:34 AM

Personally i have a lot of negativity at the moment due to these extremely sad news and things going on in my personal life but I will *try* to isolate that and *focus* on seer *logic*. (totally recommend it for all people to give it a try and then you might end up saving your personal life instead of ruining it by a moment of frustration)

In order for the justice system to work properly each individual must have a fair trial no matter the accuses else we are going to crumble into chaos pretty much like what happened in France after the revolution in 1793

“According to archival records, at least 16,594 people died under the guillotine or otherwise after *accusations* of counter-revolutionary activities. A number of historians note that as many as 40,000 accused prisoners may have been summarily executed without trial or died awaiting trial.” — Wikipedia

And who knows your child might end up wrongfully accused and meets his death in the chair you so much favor.

lorjon September 6, 2009, 12:05 PM

All of those out there who feel sympathy for Nancy Garrido and other women who hook up with psychopaths who then are complicit in their crimes against children — READ about Karla Homolka in Canada. She got off with a light sentence compared to her boyfriend when they jointly tortured and raped 2 schoolgirls.

In the videos that were shown after the sentencing, Karla was there thoroughly enjoying the rapes and tortures.

I guess it’s just too horrifying for people to accept that women can be willing participants in such crimes and that they get every bit as much satisfaction from the acts as a man would. That’s the issue here.

When Nancy’s attorney claims that she’s now scared, how interesting that she is able to feel scared now so maybe she can finally empathize with the fright that Jaycee felt that day that she was grabbed into by the vehicle by who else than Nancy herself!

DreamTraveler September 7, 2009, 3:50 AM

I do feel the thirst for justice, and i want a punishment equal to the crimes committed by an individual. It is very strange for me to see women participating in these kind of situations :S but I guess it is something to be expected since morality keeps crumbling reaching a point below zero and since the lust for sexuality overtakes the sense of good. People tend to do all kinds of experiments to get a better satisfaction and without limits :/ which is pretty fine by me as long as you control the influnces of your actions not to effect anyone else except you and your boy/girl friend.

Mark September 15, 2009, 6:00 AM

Aiding and abbetting in a Child Kidnap/Rape for 18 years? Lovely person or what? Michelle u need your head read.This woman should be handed the death sentence if it is available in California. Her life is just about over-Jaycee’s is just beginning. Be fair and do the right thing. Can’t understand how you crazy woman think. This is a heinous crime.

W.P. September 16, 2009, 12:23 PM

Nancy Garrido had her free agency, Jaycee Dugard didn’t.
If my husband did what Garrido did, he’d be in prison cuz I’d put him there.
If the truth is know Nancy Garrido is just as sex crazed as her husband.
Birds of a feather flock together…..

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