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Elected Officials: Attack the Black Prez!

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One mom has wondered if the race talk is so passé -- until now.

barack obama attacked by elected officials

Kimberly Seals Allers: I take a lot of heat on momlogic when I talk about issues regarding race. I mean a lot of heat. People have declared that our society is past race, and that I'm raising issues that don't exist. At one point, I even wondered myself if I was being overly sensitive.

Then, things like the recent racial attacks on President Obama happen and I'm snapped right back to reality. For example, take Idaho gubernatorial hopeful Rex Rammell, who "joked" about buying a license to hunt President Obama -- and then refused to apologize. This is downright disrespectful, extremely irresponsible, and unpatriotic for all those flag-waving folks who once likened speaking against the president to quasi-Communism. Now speaking against the president is becoming a popular sport. You gotta love the double standard. I won't even mention that it is a federal felony to talk about assassinating the President of the United States. But where is the outcry? Are any Republican leaders calling for some sort of censure for this guy?

It seems like just yesterday that every comment, credential, associate, or handwritten school note of Barack Obama's or Michelle Obama's was being overly scrutinized and overly criticized for any tinge of anti-Americanism. But calling for a hunting of the President gets to be passed off as a joke. Imagine if the tables were turned. Again, the double standards in this country astound me.

Meanwhile, Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kans.) expressed her wish that the Republican Party would find a "great white hope" to take on the president in the next election. And critics of Obama's health care reform have taken to racial attacks -- and not just at town hall meetings. One recent report showed a group of California protesters waving signs calling the president a black supremacist and suggesting he's a Nazi disciple. WTF people? WTF?

I love free speech as much as anyone (and if you want to criticize the president's policies, by all means, criticize the president's policies) -- that's what makes this country great. But let's leave race out of it, shall we? After all, isn't that what you've been telling me to do?! Looks like you really should have been telling your elected officials. I hope all of you give your local politicians -- who have the power to speak out against their reckless colleagues -- the same heat you give me.

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Anonymous September 4, 2009, 7:03 AM

of course there gonna take him as a joke i mean honestly he knows what hes doing he know the right way to make it fair for everyone but not a lot of people want that to happen so keep using the law of attraction if boston mgh docors think there so slick to hide my sons medication from medical records and me apparently there are things called lawyers

brandi October 15, 2009, 3:04 PM

i agree with kelly! go girl!

Anonymous March 27, 2010, 8:16 AM

Disrespect comes in a variety of forms. Regardless of who is president, people will always find a way to show their dislike. Obama’s skin color unfortunately makes an easy target for those who are against his plans for the country. With Bush the news and regular citizen addressed him as W or George W - Not Mr. President. I could go on with prior presidents, too. The fact is that our presidents deserved respect simply because they are our president, even if you disagree with them. It is just a sad state of affairs when people think it is okay to disrespect someone because your disagree with them.

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