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Snuggies That SWEAT

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Lifestyle marketing knows no bounds: a Snuggie fashion show, the Snuggie Sutra, and now ... the Snuggie sauna! Sort of. 

snuggie sauna

Vivian Manning-Schaffel: Guess there are more than three ways to use a Snuggie™. The New York blog Gothamist busted out an introduction to "The Snuggie Sauna" yesterday. They revealed this, um, personal warming service courtesy of a press release from Dr. Svetlana Kogen, MD, of Doctors at Trump Place, which read:

What if you could burn 600 calories in 15 minutes ... in a Snuggie? That's what the latest medi-spa treatment is promising, using Far Infrared Ray technology. The "Snuggie Sauna" (official name: Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna) improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and cellular renewal, increases metabolism, burns calories without lactic acid production, promotes better sleep and detoxifies the body from heavy metals, including mercury and cadmium -- all in 15 to 20 minutes.

For a mere $50, you too can make like a baked potato by wrapping yourself in some plugged-in deviation of thermal aluminum foil! Let the fat sweats begin! Will you emerge looking like a sweaty glow stick? I don't know. But fear not, Gothamist revealed that this contraption isn't an officially branded Snuggie™, but a Snuggie-esque cocoon that "plays on the hands-free idea." Geez.

Is there no end to Snuggie mayhem? Let's jump the Snuggie shark, already. I'll drive. I know I'da loved me a Birthing Snuggie that gave me the freedom to squeeze the circulation out of my hubby's hands each time I ventured into a cold labor and delivery room.

What's your million dollar Snuggie notion?

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Sarah D November 23, 2009, 4:40 PM

The Snuggie Sauna? I’ll have to learn about this. I swear…the Snuggie crazy will never end. They even have a whole line of college snuggies. What’s next? Snuggies for my pet fish? It truly is the Pet Rock of our generation. As ridiculous as it is…I can’t begin to express how jealous I am of the inventor.

I just saw the subtite of the article…the Snuggie Sutra? Yikes.

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