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Twins, Triplets Take Over Kindergarten Classrooms

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Daily News: South Allegheny Elementary Principal Alisa King read a national news article about a Colorado school that has a set quadruplets and a set of quintuplets, and told the district's public relations coordinator Laura Thomson, "They have nothing on us."

That's because there are six sets of twins and two sets of triplets attending kindergarten at South Allegheny Early Childhood Center in Pennsylvania this school year.

The district is following the parents' wishes about which of the groups of siblings to keep together and which to separate into different classrooms.

"At first, it was a little overwhelming," said Amy Larcinese, elementary assistant principal and the ECC building's principal. "These kids make an entire kindergarten class on their own with 18 of them. We had to add another full-day kindergarten class. It brings an interesting dynamic to the kindergarten."

All the twins are fraternal.

Bridget and William Hynes decided to have their twins William and Dillion, 5, in the same classroom.

"I kept them together the first year because I felt it would be easier on them," Bridget Hynes said. "My husband works shifts. So it's easier for me than having them in two different classes."

Kathy Dippolito and Chad Kirkwood also are keeping their 5-year-old twins Ethan and Elyssa Kirkwood together.

"I thought keeping them together would be more comfortable for them," Dippolito said. "Ethan seems to rely on Elyssa more as she's more dominant."

Amy and Rich Harris wanted to separate their 5-year-old boys Matthew and Joseph.

"I wanted them to have their own lives and have different friends," Amy Harris said. "I love listening to them tell different stories about what happened in their classroom during the day."

Two other sets of twins are together, and one other is separated.

Tracy Dornberger wants 5-year-old triplets Andrew, Jacob and Megan to stay together.

"I talked to teachers and some said to keep them together and some said to separate them," Dornberger said. "For me as a single parent and working mom, it's difficult for me to go to different classrooms and help with three different homework assignments. It's easier to sit down with all of them and help them with the same homework."

Stacy and Kris Harper separated their 6-year-old triplets Madison, Kelsey and Caden.

"They've been around each other for six years," Stacy Harper said. "It's time for them to get their independence. It's worked out well so far, and I'm glad we separated them."

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