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39-Year-Old Guys Cheat

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Worried your guy will stray? Check the calendar.

sad man on his birthday

The people at, a have-an-affair website, have conducted a very un-scientific study that determined it's not bright red sports cars, awful toupees, or long hours at the office that signify your man is straying, but whether or not his age ends in a 9.

Here are the findings: Guys ages 29, 39, 49, or 59 are the most susceptible to cheating because as these men reach the end of a decade, stress about turning older forces them to re-evaluate how happy they are with their spouses.

According to Sara Hartley, a site representative:

"The prospect of getting older can be nerve-wracking for some. It can make us re-evaluate our lives and relationships, and ask ourselves whether we are truly happy. If we are unhappy at this point, we are likely to seek a solution -- and it seems many married men and women see us as that solution.

"Secondly, the approach of a milestone alerts us to the fact that we are getting older. Having an affair can make us feel young and sexy again, perhaps at a time when we feel the opposite."

That may or may not be true -- do you buy these wacky findings?

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Benjamin O. Rowe September 29, 2010, 11:41 AM

Good points made. But genuine comments would be more beneficial i think :(

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