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Choosing a Baby Name Like the Stock Market

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New research reveals why there are so many Avas, Emmas, and Isabellas out there.

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A new study in Topics in Cognitive Science found that parents in the U.S. prefer baby names that have recently risen in popularity, rather than those that have been popular for a while and may be on the way out, reports USA Today.

The authors of the study say this momentum is like the stock market: "Parents in the United States are increasingly sensitive to the change in frequency of a name in recent time, such that names that are gaining in popularity are seen as more desirable than those that have fallen in popularity in the recent past," the authors note.

The top 10 most popular baby names in 2008 are as follows:

1. Jacob • Emma
2. Michael • Isabella
3. Ethan • Emily
4. Joshua • Madison
5. Daniel • Ava
6. Alexander • Olivia
7. Anthony • Sophia
8. William • Abigail
9. Christopher • Elizabeth
10. Matthew • Chloe

Did you choose your baby name based on its popularity? Comment below.

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Emily's Mommy <3  October 15, 2009, 7:29 AM

I can’t help but notice that these are very traditional names that have been around for years. That’s why we ended up choosing Emily for our daughter since it was an old-fashioned name. Not only is it popular today, but it was my hubby’s grandmother’s name.

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